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The National Women's Lobby Group (NWLG, sometimes written Zambian National Women's Lobby, ZNWL) is a Zambian organization whose mission is to "bridge the gender gap in political decision making by advocating for increased women's participation and representation". [1]

The organization was founded in 1991, following Zambia's transition from a one-party state to a multi-party democracy, by a group of 100 women's rights activists protesting the lack of equal representation in all levels of the Zambian government. At the time, only seven women served in the Parliament of Zambia out of 150 seats, and only three women served on the Central Committee, the equivalent of today's Presidential Cabinet.

The NWLG's goals include promoting the equal participation of women in the political decision-making process, promoting a culture of gender equality and respect for the human rights of women through changes in attitudes, language, procedure and laws, and having more women politicians through affirmative action.

Since its inception, the NWLG has become one of the leading forces for women's rights in Zambia, and has been formally recognized by the government as the lead NGO for these issues. The organization has been active in a number of international workshops, and has aided in monitoring elections in Lusaka.


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