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Youth Challenge International originally known as Youth Challenge of Connecticut is a Christian organization founded by Bishop Raul Gonzalez, senior pastor of Glory Chapel International Cathedral in Hartford, Connecticut. (See also Youth Challenge International (YCI))

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Branches Within The United States[1]

Youth Challenge of Connecticut

Youth Challenge of Connecticut serves as the headquarters of the organization. The organization holds a Connecticut State License to operate a facility for the care of substance abusive or dependent persons.


Youth Challenge Men's Home and Youth Challenge Mission for Women

  • The Youth Challenge Men's Home houses 15 males, The Youth Challenge Mission for Women house 8 females
  • The Programs are centered on the abstention from drugs and alcohol
  • This Program uses Conseling, Classes, Group activities, during a 4 to 6 month Period

Youth Challenge Bible Training Center

  • The Second phase of Rehabilitaion for men, it houses 9 students.
  • The Location is a farm, where individuals are challenged to address personal,social, academic and vocational issues.
  • The Program aims to develop a strong work ethic.

Youth Challenge of Florida

Youth Challenge of Florida was founded in 1984, it serves males 18 years and older The facility is located on 25 arces of property in in Central Florida there are Three Phases to its program. Visit the Youth Challenge of Florida at

Stage One: Commitment

The Participants make vows to themselves to forsake their drug habit in order to pursue a new lifestyle. This Phase uses counseling, workskills and recreational activities for a period of four months.

Stage Two: Self Image

The participants change their self image by developing self-respect, discipline and positive Attitudes.This Stage provides a live-in environment for the participants creating Personal interactions vocational training and academic lessons and lasts 8 months.

Stage Three: Internship

The Participants complete 6 months of on-the job training. This Phase offers academic achievement with a [GED] Program. After reaching a period of 18 months total in the program, the participant becomes a candidate for graduation.

Branches Outside of The United States[1]

Youth Challenge of Puerto Rico

Youth Challenge of Puerto Rico was established in 1982, as a Christian residential Rehabilitation program. The program serves approximiately 15 adolescent males ages 13–17. The program is licensed by the government of Puerto Rico. Students of the program are offered a high School diploma while in the program. Plans are currently in the works for a program for adolescent females.

Youth Challenge of Kenya Africa

Youth Challenge of Kenya Africa serves male drug addicts. The program offers group and Individual Counseling, along with Bible Studies and Occupational Therapy.

Youth Challenge of Guatemala

Youth Challenge of Guatemala operates under a regional board, under this board exist several Programs


  • Reto Juvenil de Guatemala/Youth Challenge of Guatemala

A program for adult men who are addicted to Alcohol and other forms of Delinquency.

  • Nuevo Reto de Guatemala/New Challenge

Nuevo Reto (New Challenge) is a Christian ministry that reaches the street children in Guatemala. Founded in 1991, the mission aims to rescue kids from the streets and helping them to grow in a Christian family atmosphere. The program plans to operate in two phases; the first being a house for at least 40 kids under the age of twelve, the second- a house for boys older than twelve.

  • La Cocina de Amor/ The Love Kitchen

Cocina del Amor operates as a church and a program. the program have branches throughout Guatemala, Cuba, Nicaragua.

  • Libre Infancia/ Children in Freedom

Libre Infancia was founded in 1995. The program serves the children of families that live in the "Basurero Municipal" in the capital city of Guatemala City. The program plans to be a small city, housing 500 children, 30 houses in addition to activities centers, health centers and other buildings. The program is led by Pastor Alvarez, who leas

  • Amigos del Pobre/ Friends of The Poor

Youth Challenge of Costa Rica

Youth Challenge of Venezuela(Maracaibo)

Challenge International Bible College and Seminary(CIBCS)


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