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Template:Lowercase Template:Seealso x:talk Project is a London-based network of sex workers and migrants' rights activists who organise, co-ordinate and deliver free English classes for workers in the sex industry. Supported by the International Union of Sex Workers, x:talk is open to all migrant adult service providers and is designed to help them communicate better at work and with clients in a safe and confidential environment.

As well as offering free English classes to migrant sex workers, x:talk aims to "create an open and critical space to organise and empower workers in the sex industry and to encourage critical interventions into discourses about gender, labour, migration and human rights. The project is a conscious effort to make contact with migrant communities, offer a practical and useful service, and ultimately attempt to build political alliances and strengthen migrant sex worker networks".

The activists behind the x:talk Project believe in "the autonomy of all people moving across borders and the dignity of every gender employing their resources in the sex industry".


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