The purpose of this wiki is to educate people on every aspect of all forms of abuse.

Case histories of the victims are only done when the victim has given consent to have their name and story used. This is to prevent any flashbacks or other emotional distress to the victims.

I do not care about any distress the criminal may have about seeing their name somewhere, of course, since its nothing compared to what they have inflicted upon their victims.

  • Definition of all terms.
  • List of different laws by country
  • List of information for the victim to seek help
  • Anything that brings a greater understanding to this problem
  • Psychological studies on every aspect of this
  • Information about prevention tactics and programs

Any abuse physical, mental, or economical is listed here. Rape, brainwashing, bullying, scamming, oppression, torture, slavery, or anything else you can think of. If I forgot anything, let me know, and I'll import it. Don't hesitate to say what is on your mind. Dream Focus 07:34, December 24, 2010 (UTC)

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