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White Balloon Day - Australia was adopted by Bravehearts in 1997 as a symbol of support for survivors of child sexual abuse. It first began after a public meeting in Belgium in October 1996, when 300,000 people gathered with white balloons to show public sympathy and support for the parents of girls who were sexually assaulted of a previously convicted and then released paedophile.[citation needed] White Balloon Day is now also an annual event in Australia held during National Child Protection Week.[citation needed] Its aim is to raise awareness of child sexual assault within the community.

Bravehearts, via their White Balloon Day activities, ask the community to help provide children with support and empowerment needed to enable them to 'break the silence' on child sexual abuse.[citation needed]

White Balloon Day was last held on Tuesday 9 September in 2008.[citation needed]

The 2010 White Balloon Day will be on Tuesday, September 7th.


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