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Wanderer's End is an Oklahoma based Eco farm that hosts a woman's sanctuary, The WE Sanctuary, for abused women and their children. Wanderer's End was established in 2008 by "Ivy B", who is an abuse survivor herself.

Ivy B's story is that when meeting women locally while selling Avon Products, she noticed tell tale signs that some of her female friends were in abusive relationships. Having just started the purchase of acreage in north eastern Oklahoma, she decided to start the construction of WE Sanctuary to help provide an escape for those women. Wanderer's End is the name she has given to the now under construction farm that plans to build itself using green building materials whether they be recycled or natural. "Ivy B" plans to create the farm in a self sufficient manner to establish a stable income for the WE Sanctuary that will be housed on a separate undisclosed location. There is plans for pick your own gardens and orchards, gardens to book for weddings, a petting zoo, and a small gift shop that will provide homemade or home grown goods for the public. There are also plans of holding green living workshops for paying students to attend to learn about green living, homesteading techniques, alternative building methods and alternative energy sourcing.

The WE Sanctuary is currently in the planning phase as of the date of this articleTemplate:When and the 6 cottages that are to be built will be built using the COBB method along with straw-bale construction. Any materials that are not natural will be recycled from scraps of other local renovation and construction projects. Currently, until the farm at Wanderer's End completes construction, they have set up a fundraising website to help contribute to the construction costs and the costs of become a limited partnership non-profit organization that sells a variety of merchandise which can be found at

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