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Victor Győry (born c. 1935) was an immigrant from Hungary who was involuntarily committed to the Haverford State Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1969. He was arrested for disorderly conduct, after a psychological evaluation diagnosed him with schizophrenia with paranoid tendencies. Also, he had attempted to commit suicide.

Győry was unable to speak English. Because it seemed to doctors that Győry was speaking gibberish (actually Hungarian), Győry was given electroshock therapy, a standard treatment of the time for schizophrenia.

Because of this case, the United States and many other countries changed involuntary commitment laws.[citation needed]

Győry also has become a poster child of sorts for the Church of Scientology's fight against psychiatry and drugs used to treat mental illness. The church's Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) successfully secured Győry's release from Haverford.[1]


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