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Template:No plot Tu as crié LET ME GO is a 1998 feature length documentary by Anne Claire Poirier exploring the events that led to the murder of her daughter, Yanne, who had turned to drugs and prostitution before being murdered at the age of twenty-six.[1] The film was shot in Montreal and produced by the National Film Board of Canada.[2]


The film's title is a reference to something her daughter had screamed out, "Let me go," just before being killed. In the film, director Poirier also interprets these words to mean that she must now let go of her departed daughter.[3]


Tu as crié LET ME GO received numerous awards including the Genie Award for Best Feature Length Documentary, best feature film at the Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois and best documentary feature at the Vancouver International Film Festival.[2]

Stage adaptation

In 2007, the film's story was adapted for the stage by Nadia Capone as Let Me Go.[4]


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