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Traditions of intolerance: Historical Perspectives on Fascism and Race Discourse in Britain is a book edited by Tony Kushner and Kenneth Lunn. It presented the newest research into antisemitism, racism, and fascism in British society.

It is a selection of papers from an academic conference organised jointly by the University of Southampton and Portsmouth Polytechnic in Southampton, England, in September 1987. A conference organised to address the new research opportunities opened up by the release of government records referred to as the 'Mosley Papers'.

It was published in 1989 by Manchester University Press as 245-page hardcover (ISBN 0-7190-2898-1). It was distributed in the USA and Canada by St. Martin's Press.


Part Chapter Author Subjects
List of contributors
Introduction Tony Kushner and Kenneth Lunn
Part 1: Fascism, racism and culture 1: Jewish stereotyping and English literature, 1875–1920 : Towards a political analysis Bryan Cheyette
2: Imperial decline and the resurgence of English national identity, 1918–1979 Paul Rich
3: Jewish responses to political antisemitism and fascism in the East End of London, 1920–1939 Elaine R. Smith
4: The paradox of prejudice : the impact of organised antisemitism in Britain during an anti-Nazi war Tony Kushner
5: Racial attacks : the persistence of racial vigilantism in British cities Christopher T. Husbands
Part 2: Fascism in action, fascism and the State 6: Joynson-Hicks and the radical right in England after the First World War David Cesarani
7: The ideology and impact of the British fascists in the 1920s Kenneth Lunn
8: Intolerance and discretion : Conservatives and British fascism, 1918–1926 G.C. Webber
9: The "Mosley Papers" and the secret history of British fascism, 1939–1940 Richard Thurlow
10: Alexander Ratcliffe : militant Protestant and antisemite Colin Holmes
11: Fascism and political racism in post-war Britain Roger Eatwell


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