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The Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse Prevention' at the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, is a comprehensive regional elder abuse shelter, providing emergency shelter for victims of elder abuse and to enhance public awareness and knowledge about elder abuse. [1]


Photograph taken on the grounds of the Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse Prevention

The Weinberg Center was launched by The Hebrew Home for the Aged at Riverdale, NY, in 2005 [2] to fill a critical gap in direct services available for elderly victims of family violence as well as to heighten community awareness and action to identify, address and study elder abuse, a rapidly growing epidemic for many people who are 60 and older. The special needs of this client base, which often involve cognitive and physical deficits, were not and cannot be met effectively in traditional shelters. A unique model based within an existing long-term care facility, the Center offers victims a full range of healthcare and supportive services including an emergency residential shelter and a coordinated system of care that provides a safe harbor, emotional support, psychological counseling, healthcare, legal advocacy and representation for victims of elder abuse in order to ensure their safe return to their own homes or alternate housing in the community.[3]

The Weinberg Center offers a wide range of training and community outreach programs to increase professional and public awareness about the signs and symptoms of elder abuse and neglect. The Weinberg Center serves eligible seniors who are 60 years and older.[2]


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