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The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom is written by Mark Durie, with a Foreword by Bat Ye'or. It deals with the status of non-Muslim populations (the dhimmis) after the conquest of their lands by Muslims.

The Third Choice was short-listed for Australian Christian Book of the Year, 2010.

Mervyn Bendle, writing in the News Weekly, reports that The Third Choice 'provides essential information about the basic beliefs and practices of Islam, the life and role of Muhammad, the relevant history of Islam, the origins and history of the doctrine of the dhimma, how dhimmitude operates in the everyday life of non-Muslims in Muslim societies, its resurgence in contemporary times, and possible ways through which Christians and other non-Muslims may seek to overcome it and heal the damage that it has done...'

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The author claims that: "One of the most profound and least-understood manifestations of rejection in human history is the Islamic institution of the dhimma, the theologically-driven political, social, and legal system, imposed by Islamic law upon non-Muslims as an alternative to Islam (i.e. conversion) or the sword (i.e. death or captivity). The dhimma is the ‘third choice’ offered to non-Muslims under jihad conditions, and those who have accepted it are known as dhimmis. Their condition, dhimmitude, forms the subject of this book, which describes the challenge posed by Islam’s treatment of non-Muslims, exposes the spiritual roots of this challenge, and offers a solution..."[1]

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