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The Medaille Trust is a charity in the United Kingdom founded by several Catholic Congregations. Its main aim is to end the trafficking and enslavement of women, children and young men to the sex industry.


The charity was set up in 2006. The main co-founders were Sister Ann Teresa; Fr. Des Connolly; the missionary St. Louis Marie De Montfort; and the Hospitaller Order of St John of God.

Charity Activities

Mission Statement

The Medaille Trust exists to raise awareness of the plight of young women, children and men who are enslaved and exploited in the sex industry, to campaign on the issues, and to provide relief to these victims through safe housing opportunities for physical and psychological healing and rehabilitation.


The charity currently operates three houses in England, providing support and help to people freed from the sex industry. They provide a safe place to stay, and both physical and mental aid.



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