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The Kempe Center is an institution founded in 1972 by Dr. C. Henry Kempe aiming to improve the prevention, recognition of child maltreatement.


The organization states the following as its mission: "The Kempe Center will provide and improve direct clinical services, improve clinical service delivery systems, and provide training, education and consultation programs to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect in Colorado and throughout the nation."[1] It wants to work towards this goal using the following objectives:

  • Evaluate and diagnose children who are suspected victims of abuse and neglect.
  • Provide treatment and therapy for abused and neglected children and their families.
  • Develop and test new programs to help children.
  • Train professionals such as doctors, teachers and social workers to protect and heal abused children and support good parenting skills.
  • Conduct studies that assist in program development and public policy making.


Eight programs have been set up in order to complete these objectives, some in cooperation with other institutions.[2]

  • Child Protection Team[3]
  • Child Trauma Clinic[4]
  • Fostering Healthy Futures Program[5]
  • Perpetration Prevention Program[6]
  • Postpartum Depression Intervention Program[7]
  • State and Regional Team for Crimes Against Children (START)[8]
  • Therapeutic Preschool[9]
  • Training, Education and Consultation Program[10]
  • Under Sixes Program[11]

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