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The Center for Women and Children in Crisis (CWCIC) is a domestic violence and rape crisis center located in the Provo/Orem area of Utah. The CWCIC started a battered women's shelter in the mid 1980's, and has since grown to include an outreach office in Provo, and two satellite offices in Heber and Nephi, Utah.[1] The CWCIC is a non-profit/501(c)(3) organization.[2]


The CWCIC still maintains the battered women's shelter, which has close to thirty beds. Women who are in an abusive situation can come to the shelter with their children and stay for around one month. There is also transitional/copay housing where clients may stay for up to a year. In the shelter, clients may attend therapy groups and individual counseling.[3] They are encouraged to seek employment and find the resources to live independently of their abusers.[2]

The outreach office offers educational groups about sexual assault and domestic violence. There is also individual counseling available, and a therapy group for rape victims.[4]

The offices in Nephi and Heber both offer weekly educational groups, and individual counseling for both adults and children.[5]


Volunteers are an essential part of the work that the CWCIC does. Volunteers can work in the shelter, assisting with phone calls, donations, and helping watch the children. To be a volunteer at the shelter volunteers must complete a mandatory 20 hour training. The CWCIC also employs volunteers on the Rape Crisis Team. The Rape Crisis Team always has two team members on call, ready to go to the hospital to help support a rape victim and their family, or to take phone calls regarding sexual assault. Volunteers interested in the Rape Crisis Team are required to complete 20 hours of training.[6]


Participants at 2010's Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event in Utah County

Presentations and Training

The CWCIC visits schools, businesses, and other organizations to give trainings on a variety of topics. In health classes for middle and high schools, the CWCIC teaches its "DATE" program. The DATE program consists of four topics: Do communicate, Always set boundaries, Take a stand, and Exercise respect. The CWCIC can also present on domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, abuse, bystander intervention, available services, child abuse, and other topics upon request.[7]

Community Events

The CWCIC has participated in several events since it's creation. Most recently a photographer from Utah did a set of portraits, and donated the money to the CWCIC[8][9]

Also, the CWCIC participated in Walk a Mile in Her Shoes for the first time in April 2010.[10] This was the first Walk A Mile event in Utah County. The event will happen again in 2011.[11]


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