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The Bully: A Discussion and Activity Story is a 40 page children's story and activity book by Rita Y. Toews published in 2003. The story focuses on giving children a voice as to how bullying makes them feel, and educates parents on how to handle a bully situation in a positive manner. The book can be used in a classroom, one-on-one with a counsellor or with a parent/caregiver.

Plot summary

Jason is bullied at school by a child who demands his lunch every day. His mother is informed by the school that he is often hungry and realizes he is being bullied. She advises Jason they will have to take the problem to the school for help. Jason resists. His mother reminds Jason that if the bully isn't stopped he will continue to bully.

Book layout

In The Bully: A Discussion and Activity Story a story about bullying is followed by a question and answer section for children. The questions help children express their feelings about bullies, and the answers provide practical ways to deal with the problem. The illustrations for the story can be used as a colouring book while the subject of bullying is discussed.

The adult's section of The Bully contains a question and answer portion that informs parents and caregivers about bullying. It also gives effective information for dealing with a bully in a manner that provides a positive role model for children. Additional informational resources are also provided.

Several children's activities are provided to help the child relax while the stressful topic of bullying is discussed. The illustrations may be used as a colouring book. This allows the teacher/parent/caregiver to observe the child's attitude to the topic by the colours he or she uses to colour the pictures.


Bullying hurts. It can scar a child for a lifetime, affect relationships with others and destroy his or her view of themselves.

Bullying is an action where everyone involved becomes less. The target of the bully and those who are forced to stand by and witness the incident feel helpless and powerless. The bullied child can feel the situation is hopeless and that they are useless and even worthless as individuals. If the bully becomes entrenched in his or her behaviour they are less able to develop healthy relationships, will lack the ability to feel empathy for their targets, and can grow up to bully in adult relationships such as a marriage or work environment.


ISBN 0-9736224-0-7 (2003)
ISBN 978-0-9736224-0-9 (second printing, 2005)
Illustrator - Jon Ljungberg

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