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This is the {{Abuse cases}} template.


The objective when the template was created was and remains to create and maintain a navigation tool to let a researcher navigate with reasonable ease between abuse cases of as near similar types as can be grouped within a template. It's also intended to be economical with article real estate.


This template is intended to be used in conjunction with {{abuse}} (when appropriate - the two templates will not always be together as a matter of course) and placed in the same article. It's role is as a navigation template, placed at the foot of relevant article pages, allowing easy navigation between different cases of abuse.

Please also remember to add the template to the articles you add to the template, and vice versa.


The template may be expanded to include (currently) all cases of abuse, not simply those where classifications exist at present. The thinking behind the template is to group recognisable groupings of abuse into the same subgroup of the template, allowing the reader an easy transition between similar articles.

Where there is an overall article in a list of articles, it should come first, with ": " as the separator between it and subsequent articles in the group. Where there is more than one lead article these are separated with "; ". To separate a list of similar articles {{}} is used with no surrounding spaces.

Construction and syntax

It is constructed using several subgroups. When expanding the template, please note that the syntax can be a little awkward. The main groups and the subgroups all have components "group1", "list1" etc, and the numbering sequence requires a little thought before adding new groups either to subgroups or to the main groups. HTML comments attempt to make this clear within the text of the template itself.

Examples of pre-expansion

Do you wish the template to be partially pre-expanded in a particular article?

It's very simple, but you need to look at the template to determine what text you must fill into the selected parameter. Look at the examples below and be accurate when deploying the parameter. Note that not all the expansions are documented below. There appears to be a technical limitation with the documentation system.

{{abuse cases|selected = Child sexual Anglican}}

{{abuse cases|selected = Child sexual Roman Catholic}}

Looking at {{Navbox}}, {{Navbox with collapsible groups}}, {{Navbox long}}, {{Navbox subgroup long}}, and {{Navbox subgroup}} ought to clarify matters.

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