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Swedish Universities Scales of Personality (SSP) is a personality test based on the older Karolinska Scales of Personality (KSP).[1] It is originally in Swedish but has been translated to English. The personality profile is presented in t-score (mean 50 and standard deviation 10). Both the SSP questionnaire and the scoring algorithm is free of charge.

Personality dimensions

SSP includes 91 items and yields 13 personality scales:

  • Somatic trait anxiety
  • Psychic trait anxiety
  • Stress susceptibility
  • Lack of ascertiveness
  • Impulsiveness
  • Adventure Seeking
  • Detachment
  • Social Desirability
  • Embitterment
  • Trait Irritability
  • Mistrust
  • Verbal trait aggression
  • Physical trait aggression


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