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Jessica "Jessie" Renee Logan (February 15, 1990 - July 3, 2008) was a bright 18-year-old teenager from Cincinnati, Ohio and was ready to graduate from high school but she became a victim of revenge pornography and illicit distribution of her private photos.

In her senior year of high school,  she took a nude photo of herself and sent it to her boyfriend. But when they broke up her private picture was sent to hundreds of cellphones to schools all over the city for everyone to see.

It was so bad, Jessie started skipping school. Her mother Cynthia took her car away and she would hide all day in school because she was being bullied. But Jessie stuck it out and graduated with her class at Sycamore High School. To Cynthia, it looked like things would improve.

On July 3, 2008, Jessie went to a funeral of a teenager who committed suicide, came home, hung herself in her bedroom closet and left her cellphone in the middle of the floor. Her body was discovered by her mother.