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Isobella Brefni "Izzy" Dix was born in Brixham, Devon, in April 1999. Izzy, who had ambitions to attend Oxford later, barely made any friends at her school, the Brixham Community College.

Izzy's Story

Izzy was bullied at the moment she started at the new school, by both boys and girls. This behavior increased and continued in and out of school, and she struggled to deal with these vile taunts from other pupils and cruel online jibes. Being an average schoolgirl, she was not used to bullying. Pupils started harassing her for being intelligent and academically ambitious, and refusing to wear short skirts like other girls her age.

Gabbi Dix, the mother, stated she first was not aware her daughter had been bullied badly since the two of them returned to the UK from Australia in 2010. This happened not only at school but Izzy had claimed she was also cyber-bullied, although during the inquest police said they had found no evidence of directed harassment online, also her teachers supposedly did everything they could to support her. Fact is the mother later was trolled online over Izzy's death.

In July 2013 Izzy wanted to attend a music festival to have fun and party with others on a nearby beach, where she was ignored by some and four girls started to taunt and bully her, while others did not react. After leaving early and arriving home, the mother tried to consolidate her heartbroken daughter.

Two months after the festival, on Tuesday 17th September 2013, she sent a text to her mother on the day of her death, asking for a chat when she got home from school. One particular person had bullied Izzy in a lesson and it wasn't noticed by the supply teacher in the class. They talked and hugged each other, and her mother tried to reassure her that it would get better. But later in the night Izzy became upset, swore at her mom, and went to her room to listen to music. Izzy may have felt there was nowhere to go, especially at break time and she told her mom she thought she would have "the mickey taken out of her" (being teased even more) if she went to student support. The girl felt like she could never fit in, and she was determined to end it all. Probably the same night the girl wrote her infamous poem "I Give Up", before using the tie of her college uniform to take her own life by hanging. She was 14 years old.

After Izzy's suicide police combed through the teenager's diary and discovered she may have made several previous attempts to take her life. She had also been involved in a relationship that had just ended. Following the funeral Izzy's death was mocked and her mother Gabbi trolled online. So she decided to make the poem of her daughter public, to draw attention to the problem of bullying.

Izzy's Poem

I Give Up (by Izzy Dix)

I arrive,
Happy and fresh,
Ready and excited
To celebrate the goodness.
I am eager and keen to have a good time.
As I smile from the bubbles of anticipation whizzing around my stomach,
I begin to see the crowd,
I see more people,
Many are happy and joyful.
They’re there like me,
To celebrate,
I smile at them and say hello to the many faces I see,
They look shocked and surprised to see me,
I question their judgmental glares as I wonder,
‘What have I done wrong?’
I see their drinks swilling in their fingers as their backs begin to face
I try to edge my way back into the circle of giggles and talking,
They push me away.
I stand still,
My eyes glazed and absent.
Suddenly they call me over,
I think, ‘yes! They’ve noticed me!’
But then it begins,
They start to ask questions,
As to why I am there.
They begin to tell me that nobody wants me there,
They tell me to leave and that I am not wanted,
Not there, not anywhere,
My heart,
My head,
My body,
I feel pricks of stinging begin to pinch my eyes as cheeks begin to burn.
‘Don’t let them see you,
Don’t show them that you’re weakened,
Weakened by their remarks’,
‘Stay strong’ I think,
But it’s too late,
My palms, clammy,
My cheeks, streaming,
My neck, sweating.
I walk quickly away from the chanting and laughing,
My vision, spinning,
My heart, beginning to break.
I look down and walk,
My eyes drowning in a sea of emotion.
Another piece of me chiselled away by their cruel remarks and perceptions,
I give up.


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