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Stephen John Hunt is a British professor of sociology at the University of the West of England[1]. Prior to his appointment at the University of West England in 2001, Hunt had taught at the Sociology Department at the University of Reading for thirteen years, as well as in the Religious Studies Department at the University of Surrey, Roehampton[1].

Hunt's primary research interests include the Charismatic movement, the "New" Black Pentecostal Churches and the "gay debate" in the Christian Churches[2].

He is the author of Alternative Religions: A Sociological Introduction, which was published in hardcover edition, and then again in paperback edition in 2003[3]. He is also the author of The Life Course: A Sociological Introduction, published in hardcover as well as paperback edition in 2005[4] Religion in Western Society, published in hardcover in January 2002 and paperback edition in March 2002[5], and The Alpha Enterprise, published in hardcover and paperback editions in 2004[6]. He also edited the work: Christian Millenarianism: From the Early Church to Waco[7].

Hunt is on the editorial board of Pentecostudies.[8]


Professional associations

  • Member, editorial board, Pentecostudies

Published works



  • 'Acting the Part: Living History - Who Joins and Why?', Leisure Studies, 23: pp387–403, 2004.
  • 'Saints and Sinners: The Role of Conservative Christian Pressure Groups in the Christian Gay Debate in the UK', Religion-on-Line, November, 2003.
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  • 'Deprivation and Western Pentecostalism Revisited: The Case of Neo-Pentecostalism', Pentecostudies, July, 2002.
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  • 'The Neill Commission on Party Funding in Britain: Recommendations and Implications', Talking Politics, The Journal of the Politics Association 14 (2), January, 2000.
  • '"Winning Ways"': Globalisation and the Impact of the Health and Wealth Ministries', Journal of Contemporary Religion, 2000.

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