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A starlight tour is the non-sanctioned police practice of picking up individuals in their cruisers, mostly homeless, drug addicts, or other such marginalized people, and taking them outside of town where they would be beaten and/or abandoned on the side of the road.

A suspected case in Canada resulted in an inquiry in 2003 into the hypothermia death of Neil Stonechild in 1990 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The inquiry found that he might have been subjected to a starlight tour by the police. However, the inquiry found that at the time of the death the police investigation was not adequate to conclude what the circumstances were surrounding Neil Stonechild's death. However, the 2 officers who picked up Stonechild that evening were eventually fired.

In December 2010, a young aboriginal man named Evan Maud in Winnipeg accused the police of taking him to the edge of the city at 4 am, threatening him with a taser, and taking his jacket[1] The police have stated that the accusation is false and have laid charges against Evan Maud of criminal mischief, when evidence surfaced such as video of Evan boarding a bus 15 minutes after being stopped by police, corroboration by police GPS, and testimony by witnesses that Evan was not wearing a jacket that night.[2] [3]

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