Sociobiological theories of rape are the ridiculous theories that claim that to at least some degree evolutionary adaptations influence the psychology of rapists.

These theories are dismissed as nonsense by all professionals, as well as anyone with common sense, and only mentioned at all by the media during slow news days, to try to have something to talk about.

Some idiots have published books with their crackpot theories, which amount to nothing more than making excuses for their own horrid fantasies, and trying to blame the victim.

Their argument is that some animals species commonly commit rape. Humans who don't have a conscious, and act like animals, also rape. Therefore, according to their theories, humans evolved to act like animals. Instead of just accepting they do it for the sex, they claim even the simplest minded animal is secretly only having sex to try to spread their genes around. The most obvious fallacy in this argument is the fact that animals that rape, don't just go around trying to impregnate different females, but attack the nearest one to them, even if they have already impregnated her. And of course humans that rape, are not trying to impregnate, just satisfying their lust and sometimes ego.

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