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Sin by Silence
Directed by Olivia Klaus
Produced by Olivia Klaus
Ann-Caryn Cleveland
Starring Brenda Clubine, Glenda Crosley, Joanne Marchetti, LaVelma Byrd, Glenda Virgil, Rosemary Dyer
Music by Desha Dunnahoe
Cinematography Clark Severson
Editing by Ann-Caryn Cleveland
Distributed by Women Make Movies
Release date(s) 2009
Running time 49 min
Country Template:Flagicon U.S.A.
Language English,

Sin by Silence is a domestic violence documentary film by Olivia Klaus that offers a unique gateway into the lives of women who are the tragedies living worst-case scenarios and survivors - women who have killed their abusive husbands. Based on the first inmate-initiated and led support group in the entire United States prison system, the film reveals the history and stories of the members of the group Convicted Women Against Abuse created by inmate Brenda Clubine in 1989. By following five women's abusive experiences that led to their incarceration, the film take viewers on their journeys from victim to survivors, reveals the history of the Battered Women Syndrome in the state of California, and shatters the misconceptions that continue to make domestic violence the leading cause of injury for women in the United States. This documentary is a production of Quiet Little Place Productions.

The award-winning film premiered at the Cleveland International Film Festival 2009, and went on to screen nationally as part of the grassroots tour, entitled Stop the Violence, that took the film to over 40 communities in 10 states through the United States. The film sparks awareness about the silent tragedy of domestic violence, while inspiring individuals to connect with advocacy organizations and take everyday actions that improve the quality of their own lives and communities.

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