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Sexuoerotic tragedy is a sexological term denoting an intense, memorable and influential event which is instrumental in altering ("vandalising") a future adult's perception of what is sexually arousing and what is not (their "lovemap").

Some sexuoerotic tragedies are directly linked with sex, such as being sexually molested by an adult or a relative or family member. Others may be linked with sex only circumstantially (over-zealous potty training, early gym experiences). Yet others may not be linked with sex in any obvious way (strict, disciplinarian parenting). Moreover, many sexuoerotic tragedies occur without any intentional input into children's psyche or behaviour, such as when children become unwitting witnesses of events involving third parties. Though always experienced powerfully, sexuoerotic tragedies are not necessarily upsetting and may be experienced as neutral or pleasurable.

In attempting to rationalize the sexuoerotic tragedy, the child may attempt to resolve it by applying what appears to be logic to it. This triumph over the contradictions contained in the tragedy may bring about a deformation of the future adult's lovemap, often resulting in his/her adopting one or more aspects of minority or unconventional sexuality (paraphilias).

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