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The sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic diocese of Christchurch is an important chapter in the series of clerical abuse affairs in New Zealand.[citation needed]

Abuse in Maryland's school

Maryland's School, operated by the Roman Catholic Brothers Hospitallers of St. John of God in Christchurch, was the centre of a number of sex abuse cases. By 2006, the Australasian branch of the St John of God order had paid out $5.1 million to survivors who had been sexually abused at the school.[1] A nonprofit trust, the Survivors of Sex Abuse Trust, worked with many of the victims. Staff at the school were involved in 121 sex abuse allegations with about eighty former students.[2] Many of the offences were committed in the 1970s.

Bernard McGrath affair

In 2006 Bernard McGrath, a former Roman Catholic Brother, was convicted on 21 charges of sex abuse while working as a teacher and dormitory master at Marylands School during the 1970s. He was acquitted of a further 32 charges. The abuse happened when he worked there in the 1970s.[1][3]

Roger Maloney affair

In 2008 Roger Maloney, who also worked at Marylands School, was found guilty of seven sex abuse charges and was acquitted of a further 16.[4] After being extradited from Australia, he was jailed for three years for committing sex offences.[5]

Raymond Garchow affair

Raymond Garchow, also extradited from Australia, faced eight charges of assaulting boys at the school. A stay of proceedings was made due to the ill health of Garchow and one of the two complainants.[6]

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