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The sexual abuse scandal in Cincinnati archdiocese is a major chapter in the series of Catholic sex abuse cases in the United States.

Nolo Contendere

In November 2003 following a two year investigation by the Hamilton County prosecutor's office, Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk entered a plea of nolo contendere regarding five misdemeanor charges of failure to report allegations of child molestation.[1] Presiding judge Richard Niehaus fined the church $2,000 for each count and called the case "extremely tragic", adding, "religious organizations ought to show greater respect for human rights and not try to preserve themselves at the expense of the victims."[2]

Unwin and Massarella affairs

One priest, Richard Unwin, taught at Badin High School in Hamilton and also served at churches in Forest Park, Hamilton and Oxford between 1979 and 1987, when the sexual abuse likely took place. The other priest, Francis Massarella served in several Cincinnati and Kentucky parishes in the '40s and early 1950s and engaged in inappropriate behavior with girls in private homes during that period. [3]

Plea agreement

As part of the plea agreement, the Archdiocese agreed to turn over documents requested by the prosecutor's office, to follow a more stringent protocol for dealiing with future allegations of abuse than required by Ohio law, and establish a $3 million victims' fund to settle existing cases of abuse.[4]

Public settlement

On November 20, 2003, Archbishop Pilarczyk issued a public statement accepting responsibility for the charges and requesting forgiveness.[5] A clergy abuse scandal has cost the Archdiocese of Cincinnati more than $11 million in the past six years, church officials announced. [6]

Forum on the abuses

Standing before a crowd of 400 people - most Catholic, many angry, all looking for answers - Cincinnati Archbishop Daniel E. Pilarczyk on Wednesday reviewed the priest sexual abuse scandal from a bishop's viewpoint and answered questions from the faithful. [7]

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