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The Second Wind Fund is a teen suicide prevention program headquartered in Colorado, USA.

Second Wind provides professional counseling services for youth 19 and under who are uninsured or underinsured and at-risk for suicide. Nearly 2,300 youth have been referred from approximately 400 schools and other agencies throughout Colorado. It is the only organization in the nation providing treatment services specifically for a clientele at-risk for suicide. Second Wind's provision of focused services means that youth referred through the program are seen within one week of a referral, can see their providers as often as they'd like and for 20 sessions — all for free. The Second Wind Fund currently serves approximately 50% of the area of Colorado and 80% of its youth population.

Second Wind was initiated by Green Mountain Presbyterian Church after a series of four suicides at neighboring Green Mountain High School in 2001–2002.[1][2][3][4]

Second Wind works with licensed professional therapists who have significant experience working with youth at-risk for suicide. Typically, school mental health staff contact Second Wind and describe a situation in which a youth is struggling with suicidal thoughts but is impeded from receiving mental health services because of inadequate insurance or family finances. Second Wind then pays for 8–20 counseling sessions per youth.

Schools (and other selected agencies) in the Denver metro area, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Northeastern Colorado, Eagle County, Montrose, and Durango are eligible to refer students through this program.

Second Wind raises nearly 100% of its money privately. Much of its funding is raised through its annual fundraiser, a walk/run/ride held in Lakewood, Colorado each September. The September 2009 event was one of the largest suicide prevention events in the nation, with nearly 3,200 people in attendance. Second Wind is also reliant upon grants from a variety of Colorado Foundations.[citation needed]

Second Wind Fund has begun laying the groundwork to launch a national effort, with potential affiliates around the nation working on initiating Second Wind Fund programs in various communities.


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