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Template:Infobox Writer Sayyid Al-Qemany (Template:Lang-ar) is an Egyptian writer and Thinker, Born on March 13, 1947 in the province of Beni Suef, he is a controversial writer, His works emphasize the importance of critical thinking, and he is opponent of Islamic fundamentalism, supporting separation of religion and state, and tolerance, he has been awarded the Egyptian Culture Ministry's 2009 prize for achievement in the social sciences of 200,000 Egyptian pounds (about USD $36,000).[1][2] The bestowing of the award launched "a judicial and media campaign demanding" its withdrawal[3] by those who claim Al-Qimni is a heretic who has "harmed Islam and the Muslims with his writings".[1][2]

Islamists Accusations of Heresy

However the award has been attacked by former Egyptian mufti Dr. Nasr Farid Wasil who called the decision to award Al-Qimni the prize "a crime against Egypt's Muslim identity."[2] The islamic association Jabhat 'Ulama Al-Azhar stated that Al-Qimni "has openly blasphemed in a manner that does not lend itself to [any other] interpretation." The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya have also attacked Sayyed Al-Qimni[3] Dar Al-Ifta, Egypt's official fatwa-issuing body, headed by Chief Mufti Dr. 'Ali Gomaa issued a fatwa stating in part:

"The Muslims [believe] unanimously that whoever curses the Prophet or slanders Islam removes himself from the fold of Islam and [from the community] of Muslims, and deserves punishment in this world and torment in the world to come... The statements [from Al-Qimni's writings] quoted by the [individual] who requested the fatwa are heretical, regardless of who wrote them; they remove their author from the fold of Islam… and [also] constitute a crime according to Article 98 of [Egypt's] penal code. If these depraved, loathsome, and invalid statements were indeed made by a specific individual, then this individual should be convicted rather than awarded a prize, and punished to the full extent of the law..."[2][4]

Shiekh Youssef Al Badri has accused Sayyed Al-Qimni of "deconstructing Islam using eloquent sugar-coated attacks ... more fatal than Salman Rushdie".[1] In turn Sayyed Al-Qimni replied that Badri was accusing him of atheism. "Islamic scholars do not want the Muslim to use his God-given brain! They want a submissive and obedient Muslim who refers to them in the slightest details of his life."[1]

Egyptian liberals have come to Al-Qimni's defense and called on the government to defend Sayyed Al-Qimni against accusations of heresy "which are tantamount to incitement to murder."[5][6] Human rights activists, academics, and journalists have reportedly issued a petition of solidarity with him.[2]

To the latest threat came on behalf of «Abu Jihad Al Qaqaa» of the «Egyptian Jihad organization», asking him to return only on his ideas and was killed, his blood missed in June 17, 2005 Al-Qaeda in Iraq issued a threatening message had been spreading the message of the threat posted on the Arab liberal Internet calling itself transparent Middle East . Mr. Sayed El Qemany impact wrote a letter to the media and the magazine Rose al-Yūsuf, declaring repentance of ideas past and the retirement of his intention to write, to safeguard the life and the lives of his dependents. Sayed El Qemany resignation, which he expressed «The announced resignation is not the pen, but is also thought. It appears that the expression of views and ideas is that the charge should repudiate and you only target »this is resignations by some unfair battle using violence and threats against the bureau.


  • The Religious and Democracy (ahl al-din wal-dimuqratiyah): 2005
  • The Islamic Groups: a view from within (al-jama'aat al-islamiyah ru'yah min al-dakhil): 2004
  • Islamic Traditions (al-islamiyat): 2001
  • Traditions About the Tribe of Israel (al-isra'iliyat): 2002
  • Israel: Revolution, History, Delusion (isra'il, al-thawrah al-tarikh al-tadlil): 2000
  • The Creation Story (qissat al-khalq): 1999
  • The Prophet Moses and the Last Days of Tel el-Amarna (al-nabi musa wa'akhar ayyam tal al-'amarna): 1987
  • The Wars of the Prophet's State: (hurub dawlat al-rusul): 1996
  • The Unknown History of the Prophet Abraham (al-nabi ibrahim wal-tarikh al-majhul): 1996
  • The Other Question: (al-su'al al-akhar): 1998
  • Shukran ... bin Laden!! 2004. ("Thank You ... Bin Laden!!")


Egypt State Award of Merit Prize in the social sciences for the year 2009.which is Egypt’s highest award

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