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Template:Link rot The Samanta Institute of Science and Technology, simply known as SIST, is a religious cult that was founded in India and has been based in Shawano, Wisconsin. Their compound in Shawano is located on Highway 47/55. The compound is very private and closely guarded by a watchman twenty-four hours a day. The group has been presence in Shawano for around thirty years. It was started by a man named Rama Chandra Samanta Roy, also known as Dr. R. C. Samanta Roy. His name was changed on August 29, 2007 to Avraham Cohen.[1] The followers of Cohen call themselves The Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. The organization owns millions of dollars of assets in the Shawano area, many of which are vacant or abandoned. [2] Former members have spoke about Cohen as their leader who holds complete control over his followers. The members of SIST describe themselves as a non-profit organization that aims to create an educational center. The FBI has been investigating the cult for a possible hitlist involving 60 people.[3]

The cult has scared the mayor of Shawano away from the town's annual holiday parade due to her presence on its hitlist.[4]

The cult came to attention of police on June 9, 2010 following an assault in Pikesville, Maryland. The assault led to a barricade of a house in search of a suspect. Neighbors reported that the house had always appeared dark at night.[5] The house was owned by Avrahem Cohen, who was reported not to reside at the location.[6]

In March 2009, the cult filed for bankruptcy but the bankruptcy filing was dismissed by the court.[7]

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