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The Revised Trauma Score (RTS) is a tool for on-site triage for Multiple Casualty Incidents. Its superior efficiency is due to both speed and objectivity. It is designed to provide a comprehensive assessment for medical professionals of any field.

RTS and Triage

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"Revised Trauma Score Fast Reference Chart". The Revised Trauma Score Fast Reference Chart is a physiological scoring system which allows the health professional to quickly score a trauma patient using only two index tables. The two index tables convert the first set of data obtained on the patient, which consists of Systolic Blood Pressure, Respiratory Rate and Glasgow Coma Scale using the RST equation. A Revised Trauma Score <4 has been proposed to identify those patients who should be treated in a trauma center.

The Revised Trauma Score is made up of a combination of results from three categories: Glasgow Coma Scale, Systolic Blood Pressure, and respiratory rate. All of these results can be quickly assessed with minimal equipment: a flashlight, a watch and a sphygmomanometer since systolic pressure can be obtained through arterial palpation. The score range is 0-12. In START triage, a patient with an RTS score of 12 is labeled DELAYED (walking wounded), 11 is URGENT (intervention is required but the patient can wait a short time), and 10-3 is IMMEDIATE (immediate intervention is necessary). The last possible label is MORGUE, which is given to seriously injured people with an RTS score of 3 or lower. These people should not receive certain care because they are unlikely to survive. The reasoning is that diverting scarce resources away from people with a little chance of survival increases the chances of survival of others who are inherently more likely to survive.


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