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Redress, or The Redress Trust is a human rights organisation based in London, England that helps survivors of torture to obtain justice and reparation, in the form of compensation, rehabilitation, official acknowledgement of the wrong and formal apologies. In addition Redress seek accountability for those who have been tortured.


Redress provides legal and related support in obtaining legal reparations, promote survivors' rights in international and regional courts and tribunals and promotes survivors’ rights in national policy and practice contexts in the United Kingdom.

In 2008 Redress was addressing torture and related crimes in more than 50 countries in all regions or the world and having over 50 active case files relating to more than 957 survivors.[1]


Redress was founded in 1992 by Keith Carmichael, a British torture survivor who sought justice for how he had been treated while a prisoner in Saudi Arabia from November 1981 until March 1984. After his release, Carmichael found that while the existing non-governmental organizations advocated for the release of prisoners, provided medical attention, and operated safe havens, none existed to seek reparations under international law. Redress was founded to fill that gap.[2]


  • To provide direct support to torture survivors to obtain justice and redress.
  • To obtain justice for survivors in post-conflict contexts.
  • To promote survivors' rights in international and regional courts and tribunals.
  • To ensure survivors' rights in national policy and practice.

Redress pursues its mission through legal assistance and advice to torture survivors, their families and communities, sharing information and support in partnership with other organizations around the world and advocacy by providing information to governments, other organizations and the media.


Redress is supported by the United Nations, the European Commission, Oxfam, the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, UK Department for International Development DFID, Bromley Trust, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Oak Foundation, City Parochial Foundation.


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