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Rape pornography is a genre of pornography involving the depiction of rape.

There is debate over if this form of pornography encourages men to commit rape. The pairing of sex with violence distinguishes the issue of rape pornography from that of pornography in general. Studies of the issue produce conflicting results.[1]



England / Wales

It was announced on August 30, 2006 that possession of depictions of rape would become a criminal offence in England and Wales,[2] including those involving consenting adults, and images which are faked. However, the resultant law on "extreme pornography" did not explicitly specify depictions of rape. In September 2008, it was announced that Scotland planned to criminalise possession of "extreme" pornography, extending the list of banned material beyond that in England and Wales to include depictions of rape, and "other non-consensual penetrative sexual activity, whether violent or otherwise".[3]


In Germany any pornography featuring real or faked rape is illegal.[4]

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