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Template:RoughTranslation Template:Discrimination sidebar The Prejudice in the LGBT community of Brazil is basically represented by Anti-African[1] and Anti-Poor.[2] In the LGBT community of the country, the forms of discrimination occurs more verbally, and not physically. Anyway violating the Constitution of Brazil, that combats all forms of discrimination.[3]

The Brazilian music "Eu sou Rica (Pobreza Pega)," En: I am Rich (Contagious Poverty), shows that the idolatry of LGBTs in being Rich, and get away from the Poor, because poverty is contagious and must stay away according to the sets of the music. In the national LGBT community this music is a success. Snippets of the song: "Poverty takes as mange," "Poverty takes as Viruses," "Have not touched anything so not to Infect." And the classic "I am Rich." The actresses that appear in the images are the most hypocritical, rich, and prejudiced in the context of the TV, like the villains Odette Roitman, Bia Falcão, Flora Fontini, Nazaré Tedesco, and others, are taken as the end to be achieved by the Brazilian LGBTs.[4]

Among of gay men is common refer a Low-income Gay as "Bicha pobre" or En: Poor queer. And in many cases is not poor, but is titled as such because no accompanies the development of the others of the group, which includes domestic and international travel, new cars, good real estate, high spending on clothes and parties, and of course a high salary to support all those costs. Those who can make these expenses are known as "Bicha fina" or En: Fine queer.[5]

In the Brazil's heterosexual society, the Brazilians with African descent has a "double discrimination," for being Black and Gay, common being the use of the phrase: "É Gay, e ainda é Negro," En: Is Gay, and is still Black. And also in the Brazil's LGBT community, the LGBT African Brazilians suffer prejudice by have dark skin. The White Brazilian LGBTs claim by the fact that to be Black is to be Poor. In most cases, Blacks are just treated as sexual object, then deleting the marriage. In the country is rare interracial same-sex couples.[6]

In 2009, a phrase of the heterosexual African-Brazilian hip hop singer Bill, clearly expresses the suffering of Gay Black: "The prejudice against Gay increases if it is Black and worsens if it is Poor." He struggle to the end of prejudice within and outside of the LGBT community since 2008.[7]

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