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The Portman Group is a trade group composed of alcoholic beverage producers and brewers in the UK.


It was set up in 1989 as part of a campaign to raise awareness of alcohol-related issues, and its members account for the majority of alcohol products sold in the UK. It takes its name from the Portman Square, London, head office of Guinness, one of its co-founders.

Drinkaware Trust

In the same building is the Drinkaware Trust, formed in 2006 after the Drinkaware website was formed in 2004. The Drinkaware Trust now runs all alcohol education campaigns, that had been previously the responsibility of the Portman Group.


There are four main aims of group:

Two main focuses are to help prevent underage drinking and drink driving.


There have been several full campaigns run by the group. These include:

These campaigns have been strongly criticsed by, amongst others, Professor Ian Gilmore of Royal College of Physicians and Professor Martin Plant of the University of the West of England[1], both noted alcohol harm experts, as not only inneffective but even favourable to the alcohol industry.[2]


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