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A personality quiz is a series of questions (usually multiple-choice) that intends to reveal something about the person who answers them. The personality quiz, unlike a knowledge quiz, has no definite set of right or wrong answers. Instead, the answers that the respondent provides are compiled and analyzed (usually according to some programmable computer algorithm) to produce a response (usually one of a finite number of responses) that supposedly indicates part of the respondent's personality and/or characteristics.

The large number of personality quizzes seen online are a recent internet phenomenon, originally derived from the concept of the personality test in using a set of question responses to determine something about a person's personality and/or characteristics. Most websites that host such quizzes often provide the HTML code for displaying the respondent's result on a blog, allowing a convenient electronic means for people to share their personality quiz results.

This type of personality quiz is not necessarily scientific, so the results may not be accurate.

Types of personality quizzes

  • Ones that estimate compatibility, in which the quiz maker (often looking to get to know others for dating) uses the quiz to indicate to respondents whether their personalities/characteristics are compatible with the quiz maker's.
  • An extension of this idea is seen in matchmaking quizzes, which try to indicate some ideal choice of girlfriend or boyfriend for the respondent according to the respondent's answers.
  • Ones that reveal personality directly, often seen as quizzes like What kind of person are you?, What kind of boy or boyfriend are you?, What kind of girl or girlfriend are you?, What (insert popular entertainment series here) character are you? (series such as Star Wars, Gilmore Girls, Pokémon, Metroid, or South Park)
  • Ones that attempt to categorize the respondent, such as What kind of job should you have?, What's your ideal character class?

(Note that these types of quizzes are not clear-cut, and many quizzes--including some of the examples here--could have attributes of several different types.)


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