Paul Martin Andrews
Born 1959
Nationality US Citizen
Known for Advocacy for rape survivors in Virginia; rape survivor

Paul Martin Andrews (born 1959) is an American rape survivor[1] and an advocate for rape survivors.[2]

In 1973, he was kidnapped in his native Virginia and hidden in an underground box by a known sexual predator, Richard Ausley. Thirty years after his ordeal, he went public with his story and became an activist for bolstering Virginia law with additional funding for continued civil commitments for sex offenders after their criminal sentences end.

In this case, Virginia did not get a chance to test its new Civil Commitment for Sexually Violent Predators Act. Ausley's sentence was extended by five years after another victim came forward.

In January 2004, Ausley was murdered in his prison cell. Andrews later said that he did not hate Ausley, and did not wish his death.


  1. Smith, Erika Lyn. "Paul Martin Andrews - Pedophilia Victim Warns of Common Child Lure". Bella Online. Retrieved 2009-03-10. "Paul Martin Andrews was thirteen when a seasoned pedophile used a common lure to convince the boy to get into his van on January 10, 1973."
  2. Moyer, Laura (2005-01-13). "Boy assaulted in 1973 has become a strong advocate for civil commitment of sexual predators". The Freelance Star. Retrieved 2009-03-10. "As lawyers argued over civil-commitment case procedure yesterday at the state Supreme Court, Paul Martin Andrews watched with a very personal interest. Andrews was instrumental in getting the 2003 General Assembly to fund the law, which allows for the institutional incarceration of some sex offenders after they've completed their prison sentences."

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