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Template:Infobox Settlement Palykorovy (Template:Lang-ua) is a village (selo) in Brodivskyi Raion, Lviv Oblast, in western Ukraine. It was founded in 1501. The name literally "burn the cows".

From 1918 to 1939 the village was known by its Polish spelling "Palikrowy" as it was then located in the Tarnopol Voivodeship in Poland.



Monument to the Polish victims of ethnic cleansing in Palykorowy


Meadow near village, where the Polish inhabitants were killed

The village was founded in 1501.

On March 12, 1944 an act of ethnic cleansing took place allegedly by SS-Galizien, SVK ("Self-defence", and Ukrainian Insurgent Army on Poles in the village of Palykorovy. 365 Poles were executed.

Palikrowy was an ethnically mixed village, with 70% Polish population. In 1944, the population was about 1880, with about 360 houses.

On 12 March 1944, village was surrounded by soldiers of SS-Galizien and local SVK and UIA units. Action was coordinated with an attack in nearby Pidkamin including the monastery in Pidkamin, where some of inhabitants from Palykorovy were hiding from the ethnic cleansing actions in Western Ukraine.

The inhabitants from Palykorovy are reported to have gathered in a meadow near village. The Ukrainians were released. Then Polish were executed from two heavy machine guns. Only a few wounded people survived. Polish houses were burned down and hiding Polish civilians were murdered, with their property stolen.

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