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OneChild (or "One Child") is a Canadian-based, non-governmental organization which seeks to eliminate the commercial sexual exploitation of children abroad.

OneChild was created and driven by youth and children who play an active role in fighting the commercial sexual exploitation of children around the world. OneChild was established as a registered, non-profit organization in July 2005.

The Founder and President of OneChild, Cheryl Perera, is an accomplished children’s rights activist. She has been recognized as one of "Canada’s Top 20 Under 20", and received the 2005 Impact Entrepreneur of the Year award.[1] She was recognized by the Sri Lankan Government with the offer of a permanent placement at the Presidential Secretariat to serve as the President’s Nominee on Child Protection at the age of 17. Perera was named a BRICK Award Winner in 2007.[2]


OneChild lists its goals as:

  • Advance the rights of children and promote networks to support victims of commercial sexual exploitation
  • Raise awareness and provide information on the commercial sexual exploitation of children abroad
  • Develop youth programs and educational materials
  • Investigate the causes and factors contributing to the commercial sexual exploitation of children abroad

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