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Template:COI Template:Infobox political party The National Alliance is a white separatist political organization. It was founded by William Luther Pierce in 1974, and is based in the Pierce family's compound in Hillsboro, West Virginia. Although it operates primarily in the United States, the National Alliance claims to have members in various countries all throughout the world. Membership is not based upon citizenship in any particular country, but only upon all-white, non-Jewish European ancestry. The National Alliance is often included in lists of neo-Nazi groups by their political rivals, in part due to its alleged glorification of Adolf Hitler. For example, within an article appearing in a 1989 issue of one of its magazines National Vanguard had celebrated the 100th anniversary of Hitler's birth, declaring him "the greatest man of our era".


Pierce founded the group in 1974 about the same time as he created the Cosmotheist Community Church [2]. He was a former physics professor and the author of The Turner Diaries and Hunter, both novels about a white revolution in America, which he wrote under the pen name Andrew MacDonald. The National Alliance was reorganized from an earlier group: the National Youth Alliance (NYA) which in turn was formed out of the remains of an organization called Youth for Wallace which supported Governor George Wallace's 1968 presidential campaign. The NYA broke into factions as a result of infighting, and Pierce gained control of the largest remnant in 1970 and continued the organization under that name until its reorganization in 1974. Pierce previously had been an associate of the assassinated leader of the American Nazi Party, George Lincoln Rockwell, and had been editor of the party's magazine, National Socialist World.

Pierce died of cancer on July 23, 2002,[1] and was succeeded as National Chairman by Erich Gliebe.[2] A few months later, the party administration had a leadership contention with Billy Roper, the Deputy Membership Coordinator, being fired in September 2002. In August 2003 another internal disruption occurred with two members of BoD, firefighter Fred Streed and former economics professor Robert DeMarais resigning.

In April 2005, Kevin Alfred Strom, former Alliance member and then editor of National Vanguard Magazine, issued a declaration calling for Erich Gliebe to step down;[3] the Executive Committee of the National Alliance and most unit coordinators supported this action. Gliebe refused the demand, claiming that the National Alliance operates under the "Leadership Principle" and that he would not yield to any coup. Strom then formed a new group called National Vanguard. Shortly thereafter, Gliebe resigned as National Chairman of the Alliance stating that he needed more time to spend with his family. Gliebe appointed Shaun Walker as his successor and in June 2006, Walker was arrested for Civil Rights violations (in 2007 Walker was sentenced to 87 months).[4] After the arrest, Gliebe again assumed the leadership of the organization.[5]

The splintering of the group did not last long. In January 2007 Strom was indicted on possession of child pornography and of seeking to coerce a 10-year-old sexually.[6] Two of the three charges were dismissed in October 2007 and the third was pending trial in January 2008. Since then, Strom has pleaded to one count of possession of child pornography and all of the other charges have been dropped. He was sentenced to 23 months in prison in April 2008.[7] In March 2007 the National Vanguard dissolved and in its place European Americans United formed.[8] This latter contention is disputed as European Americans United has published a statement on their website stating: "The Anti-Defamation League has slandered and defamed EAU by describing us as a continuation of some other group. This is a vicious lie which we categorically and vehemently deny."[9]


White racial survival is the core political position of the National Alliance. The group hopes to secure a white living space within North America, where the physical and cultural presence of all non-whites has been removed. The National Alliance points to the rapidly changing demographic situation in America, such as the declining white birthrate and a huge influx of non-White immigrants from the Third World are examples of justifications for its white separatist position.

Every Valentine's Day, the National Alliance seeks to improve its image by distributing a "Love Your Race" flyer. The organization describes it as a call for all races to embrace their various heritages. [10]


The group states that Jews exert a negative influence at nearly every level of American society, condemns the large Jewish control and influence over and ownership of the entertainment and mass media in America.[11] After the September 11, 2001 attacks, the National Alliance claimed that these attacks were caused by the USA's unconditional and biased support of and for policies solely favorable towards Israel. The National Alliance also has always claimed evidence that Israel's Mossad had launched the 2001 anthrax attacks, in part, in order to help set up the 2003 invasion of Iraq, a longtime enemy of Israel.[12]


Before the death of Pierce, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation called the Alliance the best-financed and best-organized white nationalist organization of its kind in the United States. Membership in 2002 was estimated at 2,500 with an income of $1 million annually.[13] According to the SPLC, paid membership has declined to fewer than 800 and the paid staff was down to only 10 people as of 2006.[14] The infighting since the death of the founder Pierce apparently has greatly weakened the organization.

In 2002, the organization ran a white power record label called Resistance Records and ran "Resistance Radio", a (now defunct) web radio station that streamed white power rock music across the Internet 24 hours a day. It also has a radio show, American Dissident Voices, heard on shortwave and streaming audio on the Internet. This show started in 1992 and has been on every week since. At one point in the mid-1990s there were 22 radio stations, AM and FM, which carried the program, but most of these radio stations dropped these programs. With the growth of the Internet the show peaked at its highest listenership in 2002 with 250,000 regular listeners in America[citation needed]. The original host was Strom until early 1997 when Pierce took it over full-time. Upon the death of Pierce in July 2002 it again was hosted until April 16, 2005 by Strom. Walker then became the voice for American Dissident Voices until his arrest in June 2006 and ever since then Gliebe became the weekly DJ for this 30-minute program.

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