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Mohamed Bechri (Abu Khawla) is professor of economics at the University of Sousse, Tunisia. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Southern California. [1] [2].

Human rights activism

He's a renowned human rights activist and former chair of the Tunisian section of Amnesty International [3], Human Rights Watch cites him in telling of repression of human rights.[4]


This progressive professor is quoted of blaming the Arab silence of Darfur genocide on the "twin fascisms" that dominates the Middle East, pan-Arabism and Islamism [5], as well as to why all minorities living within the Arab world are under siege.[6] that 'Islamism is the mother of all big lies.'[7], that freedom in the West gave Islamist terror masters ample opportunity to mount an effective propaganda machine, and that only Arab/Muslim secular orces can effectively undermine Islamism.[8]


In 2000. Journalist were assaulted and threatened by police officers in Tunis. among them were Omar Mestiri (an editor of the opposition online newspaper "Kalima", who's a victim of judicial harassment. Reporters Without Borders [9]) and Mohammed Bechri, both human rights activists [10], professor Bechri told Human Rights Watch that he was forcibly prevented from approaching the Ministry and was attacked in his car as he was trying to leave.[11].

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