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Mixed Boxing is a term that refers to a boxing match that features a male boxer vs a female boxer. These fights are rarely sanctioned by any legitimate governing body, and are almost always intended to be a display in erotic exhibitionism. They are usually staged, well-rehearsed or otherwise choreographed, almost always ending with a perceived knockout. In production and quality, they are very similar to, and probably originated alongside, what has come to be known as foxy boxing. If these mixed boxing matches were real, and if the boxers were actually trying to hurt their opponent and emerge as the winner, they could be seen (in concept) as a literal "battle of the sexes". However, most of these fights are intended for little more than sexual or erotic enjoyment.

Most mixed boxing matches are blatantly one-sided, as one opponent is usually beaten or pummeled well past the point of what even a well-trained or conditioned "legitimate" boxer could withstand in a real fight. Usually the female boxer wins by way of a perceived knockout, but rarely the male boxer emerges victorious. Either way, one fighter usually maintains the upper hand throughout the bout, beating and pounding his or her opponent mercilessly. It's important to keep in mind that very few, if any, of the punches actually make contact, but to the spectator at ringside or viewing the fight on video or DVD, the fight appears to be real. There have been a few sanctioned or legitimate mixed boxing matches in recent years, featuring a fight where at least one of the boxers is a professional fighter, although most governing bodies shun the concept. Examples of professional female boxers who have participated in mixed boxing matches are Regina Halmich and Lucia Rijker.

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