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Template:Infobox company Mawashi Protective Clothing Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of Riot Gear, Training Gear, Tactical Gear and Cooling Systems. Mawashi is also a Research and development (R&D) Service Provider of Load-Carriage, Personal Cooling and Personal Protection to Military, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Firefighters and Industrial clients. Mawashi's core competencies are Human Factors & Ergonomics, Biomimetics & Impact Management.


  • R4-E Riot Gear
  • T-RED Use of Force Training Gear
  • Active Microclimate Cooling System
  • Tactical Knee & Elbow Pads
  • HI-2000 Chest Protector

Research and development (R&D) services

  • R&D solutions
  • Scientific research and experimental development (SR&ED)
  • Integrated soldier systems
  • C4I Load Carriage
  • C4I Electronics packaging
  • Active microclimate cooling
  • Industrial ergonomic harness
  • Industrial load transfer belt
  • Load distribution backpack
  • Multi-threat personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Ergonomic armor plates

R&D solutions

Mawashi is a solutions provider for military, law enforcement, firefighters and industrial clients with core competencies in human factors & ergonomics, biomimetics and impact management. Mawashi works in high-tech textiles, human physiology, composites, product development, apparel sewing & design, armour, rapid prototyping, and testing. Mawashi's services & specializations comprise research, design, development, prototyping, manufacturing, and technology transfer.

Previous projects

Several previous projects involve Mawashi's core science areas of human factors, biomimetics, and ballistic/blunt-force impact management and specializations in new product development, advanced apparel and equipment, novel materials, and systems integration include: C4I electronics tactical load carriage, C4I electronics housings, personal cooling systems, knee & elbow protection for dismounted infantry, industrial load-carriage harness, industrial load-transfer belt, advanced multi-threat personal protective equipment, drop-impact durability "add-On" for ceramic plates, and back face signature reduction "insert-plate" for individual protection.


  • Human Factors & Ergonomics
  • Biomimetics & Biomimicry
  • Impact Management

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