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Mandating America's Responsibility to Limit Abuse, Negligence and Depravity, or Martland Act, was a proposed American law that would allow members of the American military to stop sex crimes on American military bases done by its allies. It was named after Green Beret Sgt. Charles Martland, who assaulted Afghanistan police officer Abdul Rahman on an American military base after the man admitted to chaining a 12 year old boy and raping him for several days. [1][2]


Afghanistan has long had a practice of Bacha bazi, where men raped boys. The military originally "advised to respect cultural and religious practices of Afghans and told that sexual abuse perpetrated by local allies was a matter of Afghan law."

After Green Beret Sgt. Charles Martland and Army Capt. Daniel Quinn were arrested for attacking a child rapist on an American base, the news attention of this inspired the United States House of Representatives electorate from California, Duncan Hunter, to author a bill named after him to allow American soldiers to stop such crimes in the future. [3]