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Mark "Mickey" Rothenberg (February 24, 1949 - September 11, 2001) was a passenger who was brutally killed on UA Flight 93, the plane that would be crashed into a field in Stony Creek, Pennsylvania, by hijacker-pilot Ziad Jarrah while the plane's passengers tried to ram the cockpit and take the plane back. Rothenberg was stabbed on the flight by co-pilot-hijacker Ahmed Al-Haznawi after he refused to sit down or would not remain in the back of the plane. He was known to have sat behind passenger Tom Burnett, who would later check the man's pulse. He was 52 years old.


On September 11th, 2001, Mark Rothenberg caught a plane, UA Flight 93, to San Francisco for a business trip as he was a Jewish accountant. 45 mins after Flight 93's departure from Newark Airport, 4 arabic men wearing red head bands ( possibly the decent of the Islamic Jihad ; Ziad Jarrah, Ahmed Al-Haznawi, Saeed Al-Ghamdi, and Ahmed Al-Nami ) rose from their seats and, having either knives or box cutters, grabbed a FA, ( most likely Deborah Welsh ) and forced her to alert the pilots ( Jason Dahl and LeRoy Homer Jr. )  to open the cockpit doors. Once she obeyed, Jarrah and Haznawi stormed the cockpit and killed both Captain Jason Dahl and First Officer LeRoy Homer Jr. by slashing their throats with the blades they had. After Jarrah and Haznawi took control of the plane, Haznawi excused himself from Jarrah's presence, and joined Al-Ghamdi and Al-Nami ( who had C3 explosives with a detonator stapped to his torso ) in herding the passengers to the back of the plane. Mark Rothenberg, who was sitting behind Tom Burnett, rose from his seat and started demanding answers on what was going on. Haznawi noticed this, and demanded that he do what they said. Rothenberg initially refused, and Haznawi, having a box cutter, stabbed Rothenberg in the chest 3 times pushing him back in his seat. The man eventually bled to death and died. Tom Burnett, startled and agitated with anxiety and fear, checked to see if Mark was still alive, he was not. When Mark died, he left behind a wife, and 3 children he loved dearly.