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Margit Warburg
Born 15 February 1952 (1952-02-15) (age 69)
Nationality Danish
Occupation Sociologist, Author, Professor

Margit Warburg (born February 15 1952 in Copenhagen) is a noted Danish sociologist of religion and educator.[1]

Academic career

Margit Warburg received the University of Copenhagen's 1976 gold medal for answering an economic problem in Christian studies. She received her Masters in the sociology of religion from the University of Copenhagen in 1979, and her Ph.D. dissertation was entitled "Citizens of the World. A History and Sociology of the Baha'is from a Global Perspective".

Following her masters degree, Warburg was employed at the University of Copenhagen as an associate professor. She became professor of the Sociology of Religion at the University of Copenhagen in 2004. Her inaugural lecture was entitled "Religionssociologien and globalization". She helped create the University of Copenhagen's inter-faculty research project "Religion in the 21st Century" (2003–2007) and served as Vice President of the Steering Group.

She has authored, co-authored, edited and contributed to many books and articles dealing with the study and sociology of religion. With Eileen Barker, she co-edited New Religions and New Religiosity in 1998 (Aarhus University Press). She also did extensive archival work and fieldwork on the Bahá'í religion in Denmark, the U.S. and Israel. This led in 2003 to publication of Baha'i (Signature Books). She has co-chaired two Danish research networks investigating cultural interactions and new religious movements.[2]

Warburg is a member of the Advisory Committee on Religious Denominations which reports to Denmark's Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs[3]

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