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Malkishua (Template:Lang-he) is a drug rehabilitation centre in the form of a village in north-eastern Israel. Located on Mount Malkishua in the Gilboa, it falls within the boundaries of Valley of Springs Regional Council. It is named after Malkishua, the son of King Saul, who fell here in the Mount of Gilboa. (1 Samuel 31:2)

The centre was established by the National Authority for the War on Drugs and the regional council in 1990. In 1995 a youth treatment facility was added, and in 2002, Kedem, a centre for religious youths, was founded. The centre is today run by "Amutat Neve Malkishua" under the authority of the Ministry of Welfare & Social Services.

Prior to the establishment of the centre, there had been a kibbutz, Meirav, on the mount. However, the kibbutz moved to its present location on Mount Avinadav in 1987.

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