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This is a list of victims of the Babi Yar massacre. During September 29—30, 1941, a special team of German SS aided by Ukrainian police killed 33,771 Jews.[1][2] The Babi Yar massacre is considered to be "the largest single massacre in the history of the Holocaust".[3] Executions of Jews, Ukrainians, Gypsies and others continued in Babi Yar throughout the period of the Nazi occupation of Kiev, ending with the liberation of Kiev in November 1943, totalling up to 120,000 victims.[citation needed]

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Jewish victims

A list of some Jewish victims, including 26 of those who died in the Babi Yar, is available here.

Ukrainian victims

  • 621 members of Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) were executed.
  • Ukrainian poet and activist Olena Teliha and her husband bandurist Mykhailo Teliha were executed there on February 21, 1942.[4]
  • Volodymyr Bahaziy - the previous Mayor of Kiev
  • Roman Bitsa, - writer
  • I. Bondarenko - the head of the oblast union of food workers with his wife and children,
  • Konstantin Bukhalo - writer
  • Orest Chemerynsky - boy-scout leader[5]
  • Teodosiy Cherednychenko - the rector of the Kyiv Politechnical Institute,
  • Lev Didyk - (1915–1941) Ukrainian boy-scout leader
  • Yevhen Forostivsky and his wife,
  • Mykhailo Halasa - boy-scout leader[5]
  • Odarka Huzar-Chemerynska, writer
  • Yuri Ihnatenko - writer
  • Ivan Irliansky, - writer
  • O. Klymenko, - football player
  • Vasyl Kobryn, - writer
  • M. Korotkyj, - football player
  • Ivan Koshyk, - writer
  • I. Kuz'menko, - football player
  • Professor Lazarenko the rector of the Kyiv Medical University,
  • Roman Liasota - poet
  • Sashko Linchevsky - poet
  • Professor Makhynia,
  • Petro Oliynyk, writer
  • Yaroslav Orshan-Chemerynsky writer and newspaper editor,
  • Ivan Rohach poet, editor of the Ukrainian literary newspaper "Slovo", his author wife, and sister Anna,
  • Ivan Romanov - the head city engineer for Kyiv,
  • Ivan Roshko, - (1919–1941) writer and boy-scout leader[5].
  • Mykhailo Rudnyk - poet
  • Volodymyr Skorobsky - poet and Ukrainian boy-scout leader
  • Yevhen and Yevheniy Sukhoversky.
  • I. Sychenko, - writer
  • Kost' Teslenko - poet
  • M. Trusevych, football player
  • Ivan Yakovenko - writer
  • A couple of dozen Ukrainian orthodox priests, monks and nuns among them Bishop Vyshniakov and Archbishop Pavlo.


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