Minimization of a crime, and making jokes about it, encourages others to justify it in their minds, and commit the act against others.


Black Sheep Squadron

The television show Black Sheep Squadron had an episode where the women warned the new girl about a game where the men would try to put a knockout drug in their drink, apparently to have sex with them. They then joked, as though it was nothing serious about it.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Cartoon network

  • The episode Hand Banana is about an artificial dog that keeps raping a guy, and they make a joke about it.
  • The 100th Episode had a creature make a joke about packing a girl off to the woods and raping her, and then did so.
  • Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1(2011) featured a main character spending nine years asleep in a tube, and all that time an alien creature raping his mouth. They made a joke about it when he woke up.

The Orville

  • The episode Cupid's Dagger season one, episode 9, showed a blue alien that released pheromones to get others to have sex with him. When discovered they were not upset, just casually accepted it, no punishment for this serial rapist at all.


  • Age of the Dragons has a woman get raped in it, calm and relaxed, saying nothing, and then not upset afterwards at all, acting as though it was no big deal at all. Just shrugged it off and kept on going.
  • Beowulf released in 2007, had women casually raped at the start of it, as though it were nothing at all.
  • Scary Movie had a girl tell her very determined boyfriend that under no circumstances did she want to have sex before marriage. Later on in the film it shows her drinking a cup of alcohol, they then having sex, and she not upset later, not responding to it at all.


  • The Way of a Man with a Maid, first published in 1908, shows two women being kidnapped, raped, tortured, and brainwashed into loving it and thanking the man for abusing them, coming back for more of their own free will. For the Wikipedia article on it, see Wikipedia:The Way of a Man with a Maid. Wikipedia also host the entire copy of it for free access on Wikisource.


The webcomic Elven showed the main character getting drunk and waking up naked with three strangers, and made a joke about it. [1] [2]



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