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The following is a list of notable people who have died from drug-related causes.

Criteria for inclusion are death from overdose, death from organ-failure/illness due to or exacerbated by drug use, or death from suicide/misadventure under the influence of drugs. Deaths from lethal injection as a form of capital punishment, as well as deaths due to drug-related crime, are not included.



Name Life Profession Cause of death Reference
Herb Abrams 1954–1996 Professional wrestling promoter Cocaine related heart attack. [1][2]
Janet Achurch 1864–1916 Actress Morphine overdose. [3]
Brian Adams 1963–2007 Professional wrestler Painkiller overdose. Accidental. [4]
Nick Adams 1931–1968 Actor Death officially certified as "accidental-suicidal and undetermined". High levels of sedatives were found in his blood. [5]
Stuart Adamson 1958–2001 Musician (Big Country) Self-asphyxiation under the influence of alcohol. [6]
Michael Adkisson, aka Mike Von Erich 1964–1987 Professional wrestler Tranquilizer overdose. Suicide. [7]
George Albert, aka George V 1865–1936 King Cocaine and morphine overdose. Euthanasia. [8]
Asa A. Allen 1911–1970 Evangelist Liver failure due to acute alcoholism. [9]
Dennis Allen 1951–1987 Drug dealer Heart failure. "Pieces of his heart actually broke off after decades of heavy drug abuse". [10]
Ryūnosuke Akutagawa 1892–1927 Writer Veronal overdose. Suicide. [11]
William Barnsley Allen 1892–1933 Army officer Unspecified narcotic overdose. Accidental. [12]
Kevin Allin, aka GG Allin 1956–1993 Musician Heroin overdose. Accidental. [13]
Pier Angeli 1932–1971 Actress Died of anaphylactic shock after being given a tranquilizer by her doctor. [14][15]
Matthew Ansara 1965–2001 Actor Heroin overdose. Accidental. [16]
Chris Antley 1966–2000 Jockey Severe blunt trauma. The coroner's report concluded that Antley had died of a multiple drug overdose and the injuries were likely related to a fall caused by the drugs. [17]
Jean Améry 1912–1978 Writer Sleeping pill overdose. Suicide. [18]
Diane Arbus 1923–1971 Photographer Consumed a number of barbiturates and then slit her wrists. Suicide. [19]
West Arkeen 1960–1997 Musician Opiate overdose. Accidental [20]
Howard Arkley 1951–1999 Painter Heroin overdose. Accidental. [21]
Kevyn Aucoin 1962–2002 Photographer, make-up artist Kidney and liver failure due to Tylenol toxicity, as a result of a prescription painkiller addiction. [22]


Name Life Profession Cause of death Reference
Karen Bach, aka Karen Lancaume 1973–2005 Pornographic actress Temazepam overdose. Suicide. [23]
Chet Baker 1929–1988 Jazz trumpeter, singer Fatal fall from a balcony while under the influence of cocaine and heroin. [24][25]
Lester Bangs 1948–1982 Music critic, musician Overdose of Darvon, Valium and NyQuil. [26]
Robert Barlow 1918–1951 Author Overdose of barbiturates. Suicide. [27]
Sid Barnes 1916–1973 Cricketer Barbiturate and bromide poisoning. Self-administered though intent could not be determined. [28]
Jean-Michel Basquiat 1960–1988 Painter Heroin overdose. [29]
Jan Paul Beahm, aka Darby Crash 1958–1980 Musician (The Germs) Heroin overdose. Suicide. [30][31]
Scotty Beckett 1929–1968 Former child actor Suspected overdose. Pills and a note were found next to his body however the coroner's report was not released. [32]
Steve Bechler 1979–2003 Major League Baseball pitcher Heatstroke. The coroner indicated that "the toxicity of ephedra played a significant role" among many factors in contributing to his death. [33]
Brendan Behan 1923–1964 Poet, writer Diabetes exacerbated by his refusal to stop drinking alcohol. [34]
Gertrude Bell 1868–1926 Writer Overdose of sleeping pills. Whether it was an accident or suicide was undetermined. [35]
John Belushi 1948–1982 Actor, comedian Speedball. Accidental. [36]
Jay Bennett 1963–2009 Guitarist (Wilco) Fentanyl overdose. Accidental [37]
Wes Berggren 1971–1999 Musician (Tripping Daisy) Overdose. Traces of cocaine, propoxyphene, and benzodiazepine were found in his body. [38]
George Best 1946–2005 Football player Lung infection and multiple organ failure brought on by long-term alcoholism. [39]
Leah Betts 1977–1995 Student Excessive water consumption exacerbated by ecstasy causing her body to release anti-diuretic hormones. [40]
Len Bias 1963–1986 Basketball player Cocaine overdose. Accidental. [41]
Scott Charles Bigelow, aka Bam Bam Bigelow 1961–2007 Professional wrestler Overdose. Lethal levels of cocaine and an anti anxiety drug were found in his blood. [42]
Robert Bingham 1966–1999 Writer Heroin overdose. [43]
Count Gottfried von Bismarck 1962–2007 Aristocrat Cocaine and morphine overdose. [44]
Walter Patrick Bissell 1957–1987 Ballet dancer Overdose of cocaine, codeine, methadone and other drugs. [45]
Celia Ann Blaylock, aka Mattie Blaylock 1850–1888 Prostitute Opiate poisoning. Suicide. [46]
Mike Bloomfield 1943–1981 Blues guitarist Unspecified drug overdose. [47]
Carl Böhm, aka Carl Crack 1971–2001 Musician (Atari Teenage Riot) Overdose. Alcohol and unspecified pills were found in his stomach. [48]
Tommy Bolin 1951–1976 Musician (Deep Purple) Unspecified drug overdose. [49]
John Bonham 1948–1980 Drummer Choked on his own vomit after consuming forty shots of vodka. [50]
Jennie Bosschieter 1882–1900 Factory worker Overdose of drugged liquor. [51]
Christopher Bowman 1967–2008 Former professional ice skater Overdose. Traces of cocaine, Valium, alcohol and marijuana were found in his blood. Accidental. [52]
Charles Boyer 1899–1978 Actor Seconal overdose. Suicide. [53]
Duncan Gordon Boyes 1846–1869 Soldier Delirium tremens. [54]
Elisa Bridges 1973–2002 Model "Acute intoxication by the combined effects of heroin, methamphetamine, meperidine and alprazolam". [55][56]
Dianne Brimble 1960–2002 Mother Combination of gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) and alcohol. [57]
Erik Brødreskift 1969–1999 Musician Overdose of unspecified pills. Suicide. [58]
Lenny Bruce 1925–1966 Comedian "Acute morphine poisoning caused by an accidental overdose." [59]
Julia Bruns 1895–1927 Actress Alcohol poisoning. [60]
Tim Buckley 1947–1975 Musician "Acute heroin/morphine and ethanol intoxication due to inhalation and ingestion of overdose". [61]
Richard Burton 1925–1984 Actor Alcohol related causes. [62]
Chad Butler, aka Pimp C 1973–2007 Rapper Respiratory depression due to an accidental overdose of promethazine and codeine mixed with a pre-existing medical condition, sleep apnea. [63][64]
Paul Butterfield 1942–1987 Musician Drug related heart failure. [65][66]


Name Life Profession Cause of death Reference
Andrés Caicedo 1951–1977 Writer Secobarbital overdose. Suicide. [67]
Casey Calvert 1981–2007 Guitarist (Hawthorne Heights) A rare lethal mixture of hydrocodone/APAP, citalopram, and clonazepam. Accidental. [68]
Ken Caminiti 1963–2004 Former Major League Baseball player. Cocaine and opiate overdose. [69]
Max Cantor 1959–1991 Actor, journalist Heroin overdose. [70]
Truman Capote 1924–1984 Writer Liver disease complicated by phlebitis and multiple drug intoxication. [71]
Vic Chesnutt 1964–2009 Musician Overdose of prescription medication. Suicide. [72]
Maria Christina, aka Missy 1967–2008 Pornographic actress Unspecified prescription drug overdose. Accidental. [73]
Diana Churchill 1909–1963 Naval officer Barbiturate overdose. Suicide. [74]
Sally Clark 1964–2007 Solicitor Alcohol poisoning. [75]
Sonny Clark 1931–1963 Pianist Alcohol abuse; an attempt to conteract his heroin dependancy. [76]
Steve Clark 1960–1991 Musician (Def Leppard) Lethal overdose of codeine, along with valium and morphine and alcohol at more than 3 times the legal British limit. Accidental. [58][77]
Charmian Clift 1923–1969 Writer Unspecified drug overdose. Suicide. [78]
Vander Clyde, aka Barbette 1899–1973 Trapeze artist Unspecified drug overdose. Suicide. [79]
Kurt Cobain 1967–1994 Singer Self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head under the influence of a potentially lethal dose of heroin. [80]
Bob Collins 1946–2007 Politician Prescription drug and alcohol overdose. Suicide. [81]
Natasha Collins 1973–2008 Actress Cocaine overdose. Accidental. [82]
Brian Cole 1942–1972 Musician (the Association) Heroin overdose. [83]
Douglas Glenn Colvin, aka Dee Dee Ramone 1951–2002 Musician (the Ramones) Heroin overdose. [84]
Michael Cooper 1941–1973 Photographer Heroin overdose. [85]
Megan Connolly 1974–2001 Actress Heroin overdose. [86]
Nancy Ann Coursey, aka Paige Summers 1976–2003 Pornographic actress Codeine and oxycodone overdose. [87]
Pamela Courson 1946–1974 Retail. Wife of Jim Morrison Heroin overdose. [88]
Nancy Crick 1932–2002 Euthanasia activist Overdose of nembutal. Euthanasia. [89]
Robbin Crosby 1959–2002 Musician (Ratt) Reported causes of his death include heroin overdose,[90][91] and AIDS-related complications,[92][93] which he admitted to contracting from shooting drugs.[94]
Bartley Crum 1900–1959 Lawyer Washed down an entire bottle of Seconal with whisky. Suicide. [95]
William Cuppy 1884–1949 Literary critic Sleeping pill overdose. Suicide. [96]
Patricia Cutts 1926–1974 Actress Barbiturate overdose. Suicide. [97]


Name Life Profession Cause of death Reference
Lin Dai 1934–1964 Actress Sleeping pill overdose combined with gas inhalation. [98]
Jacques Damala 1855–1889 Actor Cocaine and morphine overdose. [99]
Dorothy Dandridge 1922–1965 Actress, singer Overdose of Imipramine. Accidental. [100]
Robert Earl Davis, Jr., aka DJ Screw 1971–2000 Musician Overdose of codeine and other drugs. Accidental. [101]
Jesse Ed Davis 1944–1988 Guitarist Heroin overdose. [102]
Jeanine Deckers, aka The Singing Nun 1933–1985 Nun Overdose of barbiturates and alcohol. Suicide. [103][104]
Thierry de la Villehuchet 1943–2008 Businessman Swallowed sleeping pills and slit his left arm. Suicide. [105]
Paul DeMayo 1967–2005 Former bodybuilder Heroin overdose. [106]
Ted Demme 1963–2002 Director Heart attack. Cocaine was found in his system which the coroner stated may have been a factor in his death. Accidental. [107]
Daniel Deniehy 1828–1865 Politician "[L]oss of blood and fits induced by habits of intemperance" [108]
Teri Diver 1971–2001 Pornographic actress Migraine medication overdose. Accidental. [109]
Kiki Djan 1957–2004 Musician AIDS and narcotic related complications. [110]
Desmond Donnelly 1920–1974 Politician, journalist Barbiturate and alcohol overdose. Suicide. [111]
Tommy Dorsey 1905–1956 Jazz musician Choked to death while sleeping. He was so sedated on sleeping pills that he was unable to awaken. [112]
John Dougherty 19??–1997 Musician (Flipper) Heroin overdose. [113]
Eric Douglas 1958–2004 Comedian Acute intoxication by the effects of alcohol, tranquilizers and painkillers. [114]
Nick Drake 1948–1974 Musician Anti-depressant overdose. Disputed suicide. [115]
Michael Dransfield 1948–1973 Poet Sources report conflicting causes of death, including infection related to drug use and "acute broncho-pneumonia and brain damage". [116][117]
Jonathan Drummond-Webb 1959–2009 Pediatric heart surgeon Unspecified prescription drug overdose. Suicide. [118]
Kevin DuBrow 1955–2007 Singer Cocaine overdose. Accidental. [58][119]
Bobby Duncum, Jr. 1965–2000 Professional wrestler Prescription painkiller overdose. Accidental. [120][121]
Theresa Duncan 1966–2007 Video game designer Combined ingestion of Tylenol PM and alcohol. Suicide. [122]
Anthony Durante 1967–2003 Professional wrestler Fentanyl overdose. [123]
Guru Dutt 1925–1964 Actor Overdose of sleeping pills and alcohol. [124]


Name Life Profession Cause of death Reference
Jeanne Eagels 1890–1929 Actress Alcohol and/or heroin abuse. [125]
John Entwistle 1944–2002 Musician (the Who) Cocaine-induced heart attack. [126]
Brian Epstein 1934–1967 Manager of The Beatles Sleeping pill overdose. Accidental. [127]
Howie Epstein 1955–2003 Musician (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) Suspected drug overdose. It was reported he took heroin and prescription drugs shortly before his death. [128]


Name Life Profession Cause of death Reference
Chris Farley 1964–1997 Comedian, actor Cocaine and morphine overdose. Accidental. [129]
Pete Farndon 1952–1983 Musician (the Pretenders) Passed out in his bath due to a heroin overdose and subsequently drowned. [130]
Rainer Werner Fassbinder 1945–1982 Playwright, director Cocaine overdose. Possibly suicide. [131]
Brenda Fassie 1964–2004 Singer Initial press reports cited complications of asthma attack while a later autopsy "mentioned cocaine overdose". [132]
Edward Fatu, aka Umaga 1973–2009 Professional wrestler "Acute toxicity due to combined effects of hydrocodone, carisoprodol, and diazepam." [133]
Althea Flynt 1953–1987 Co-publisher of Hustler magazine Drowned in the bath after passing out due to a heroin overdose. [134]
Steve Foley 1959–2008 Drummer Unspecified drug overdose. Accidental. [135]
Zac Foley 1971–2002 Musician (EMF) Overdose. Heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, barbiturates and alcohol were found in his blood. [136][137]
Rosemarie Frankland 1943–2000 Actress Unspecified prescription drug overdose. Suicide. [138]
Seán Fortune 1954–1999 Priest, child molester Overdose of alcohol and unspecified drugs. Suicide. [139]
Katy French 1983–2007 Model, socialite Brain damage most likely caused by cocaine use. [140][141]
Sigmund Freud 1856–1939 Neurologist Physician assisted morphine overdose. Euthanasia. [142]
Gary Frisch 1969–2007 Website founder Jumped from a balcony while under the influence of ketamine. Officially ruled as misadventure. [143][144][145]


Name Life Profession Cause of death Reference
Danny Gans 1956–2009 Impressionist, entertainer. Prescription hydromorphone use combined with pre-existing heart condition. Accidental. [146]
Paul Gardiner 1958–1984 Musician (Tubeway Army) Heroin overdose. [147]
Judy Garland 1922–1969 Singer and actress Secobarbital overdose.[148] Her death certificate states the overdose was "accidental"[149] however there is speculation it was intentional.[150]
Lowell George 1945–1979 Musician (Little Feat) Unspecified drug overdose. Accidental. [151]
Talitha Getty 1940–1971 Actress Heroin overdose. [152]
Iolanda Christina Gigliotti, aka Dalida 1933–1987 Singer Barbiturate overdose. Suicide. [153][154]
Harold Gimblett 1914–1978 Cricketer Overdose of unspecified pills. [155]
Trevor Goddard 1962–2003 Actor Overdose of heroin, cocaine, valium and vicodin. Accidental. [156]
Greg Giraldo 1965–2010 Comedian Overdose of prescription medication. Accidental. [157]
Dwayne Goettel 1964–1995 Musician (Skinny Puppy) Heroin overdose. [158]
Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM 1973–2009 Disc Jockey Overdose of cocaine/levamisole, oxycodone, hydrocodone, lorazepam, clonazepam, alprazolam and diphenhydramine. Accidental. [159]
Paul Gray 1972–2010 Bass guitarist (Slipknot) Morphine and fentanyl overdose. Accidental. [160]
Lucy Grealy 1963–2002 Poet Heroin overdose. [161]
Eddie Guerrero 1967–2005 Professional wrestler "Heart disease, complicated by an enlarged heart resulting from a history of anabolic steroid use." [162]


Name Life Profession Cause of death Reference
Clinton Haines 1976–1997 Computer hacker Heroin overdose. Accidental. [163][164]
Kenneth Halliwell 1926–1967 Actor Pentobarbital overdose. Suicide. [165]
William Hamilton 1805–1865 Physicist, astronomer, mathematician "A severe attack of gout precipitated by excessive drinking..." [166]
Edward A. Hannegan 1807–1857 Senator Morphine overdose. [167]
Tony Hancock 1924–1968 Actor Overdose of sleeping pills. [168]
James Harden-Hickey 1854–1898 Author, adventurer Morphine overdose. Suicide. [169]
Bobby Hatfield 1940–2003 Musician (The Righteous Brothers) Cocaine-induced heart attack. [170]
Malcolm Hardee 1950–2005 Comedian Drowned after he fell into the water whilst drunk. [171]
Tim Hardin 1941–1980 Musician Heroin overdose. [172]
Brynn Hartman 19??–1998 Wife and murderer of comedian Phil Hartman Self-inflicted gunshot wound to her head under the influence of cocaine, alcohol and Zoloft. [173]
Domino Harvey 1969–2005 Bounty hunter Fentanyl overdose. [174]
Rodney Harvey 1967–1998 Actor, model Heroin overdose. [175]
Phyllis Haver 1899–1960 Actress Barbiturate overdose. Suspected suicide. [176]
Elizabeth Hawes 1903–1971 Clothing designer "Alcohol-related causes". [177]
James Hayden 1953–1983 Actor Heroin overdose. [178]
Paul Hayward 19??–1992 Rugby league player Heroin overdose. [179]
Mitch Hedberg 1968–2005 Comedian Cocaine and heroin overdose. [180][181]
Tim Hemensley 1972–2003 Musician (GOD) Heroin overdose. [182]
Margaux Hemingway 1954–1996 Actress Phenobarbital overdose. Disputed suicide. [183]
Jimi Hendrix 1942–1970 Musician Respiratory arrest caused by alcohol and barbiturate overdose and vomit inhalation. [184]
Curt Hennig 1958–2003 Professional wrestler Cocaine overdose. [185]
James Leo Herlihy 1927–1993 Novelist, actor Overdose of sleeping pills. Suicide. [186][187]
Gino Hernandez 1957–1986 Professional wrestler Cocaine overdose. [188]
Ureli Hill 1802–1875 Conductor Morphine overdose. Suicide. [189]
Virginia Hill 1916–1966 Chicago Outfit courier Sleeping pill overdose. [190]
Jane Aiken Hodge 1917–2009 Writer Unspecified drug overdose. Suicide. [191]
Abbie Hoffman 1936–1989 Political activist Phenobarbital overdose. Suicide. [192]
John Curtis Holder, Jr., aka Jackie Curtis 1947–1985 Actor Heroin overdose. [193]
Gary Holton 1952–1985 Actor and musician Heroin overdose. [194]
James Honeyman-Scott 1956–1982 Musician (the Pretenders) Cocaine-induced heart attack. [195]
Shannon Hoon 1967–1995 Musician, singer (Blind Melon) Cocaine overdose. [196]
Sebastian Horsley 1962–2010 Artist Heroin and cocaine overdose. [197]
Lisa Howard 1930–1965 Reporter Phenobarbital overdose. Officially listed as suicide but speculated as murder. [198]
Howard Hughes 1905–1976 Aviator, engineer, industrialist, movie producer Liver failure. Physician administered an overdose of codeine at "the highest clinical level ever recorded" at the time. [199]
Gertrude Hullett 1906–1956 Patient of Dr. John Bodkin Adams Twice the fatal dose of sodium barbitone was found in her blood. [200]
Elizabeth Hulette, aka Miss Elizabeth 1960–2003 Professional wrestling manager Acute toxicity. Autopsy revealed pain killers, nausea medication and tranquilizers were found in her blood, along with an alcohol level of 0.29. [201]
Harold Hunter 1974–2006 Professional skateboarder, actor Cocaine-induced heart attack. [202]
Phyllis Hyman 1949–1995 Singer Pentobarbital and secobarbital overdose. Suicide. [203]


Name Life Profession Cause of death Reference
Nicholas Anthony Iacona, Jr., aka Joey Stefano 1968–1994 Pornographic actor Cocaine, morphine, heroin and ketamine overdose. [204]
Bruce Edwards Ivins 1946–2008 Microbiologist Tylenol overdose. [205]


Name Life Profession Cause of death Reference
Jennifer Lyn Jackson 1969–2010 Playboy Playmate Heroin overdose. [206]
Michael Jackson 1958–2009 Pop singer Personal physician administered lethal dose of propofol along with two sedatives. [207]
Peter Jackson 1964–1997 Rugby league player Heroin overdose. [208]
Joyce Jameson 1932–1987 Actress Overdose of unspecified pills. Suicide. [209]
Steven Ronald Jensen 1959–2005 Musician (The Vandals) Unspecified prescription drug overdose. [210]
Anissa Jones 1958–1976 Actress Overdose of barbiturates, cocaine, quaaludes, and PCP. Accidental. [211]
Chloe Jones 1975–2005 Pornographic actress Prescription drug overdose. Accidental. [212]
Rob Jones, aka The Bass Thing 1964–1993 Musician (The Wonder Stuff). Sources report contradictory information which include: heart problems,[213] heart attack potentially caused by heroin,[214] or simply "drug related causes".[215]
Russell Jones, aka Ol' Dirty Bastard. 1968–2004 Rapper Overdose of cocaine and a prescription painkiller. Accidental. [216]
Janis Joplin 1943–1970 Musician Heroin overdose. [217]


Name Life Profession Cause of death Reference
John Kahn 1947–1996 Musician (Jerry Garcia Band) Heroin overdose. [218]
Chris Kanyon 1970–2010 Professional wrestler Antidepressants overdose. Suicide. [219][220]
Phil Katz 1962–2000 Computer programmer Acute pancreatic bleeding caused by chronic alcoholism [221]
David Kennedy 1955–1984 University drop-out Overdose of cocaine, Demerol, and Mellaril. [222]
Beverly Kenney 1932–1960 Singer Alcohol and Seconal overdose. Suicide. [223]
Bernard Kettlewell 1907–1979 Lepidopterist, medical doctor Unspecified drug overdose. Accidental. [224]
David Kelly 1944–2003 Weapons expert Consumed around 30 dextropropoxyphene pills. Disputed suicide. [225]
Jack Kerouac 1922–1969 Author Cirrhosis, caused by a lifetime of heavy drinking. [226][227]
Dorothy Kilgallen 1913–1965 Journalist Fatal combination of alcohol and barbiturates. Whether it was suicide or accidental is undetermined. [228]
Richard Charles Knellar, aka Dickie Pride 1941–1969 Singer Sleeping pill overdose. [229]
Arthur Koestler 1905–1983 Author Sleeping pill overdose. Suicide. [230]
John Kordic 1965–1992 Hockey player Unspecified drug overdose. [231]


Name Life Profession Cause of death Reference
Deborah Laake 1953–2000 Writer Overdose of unspecified pills. Suicide. [232][233]
Alan Ladd 1913–1964 Actor Overdose of alcohol and three unspecified drugs. Accidental. [234]
Josiah Lamborn 1809–1847 Attorney General Delirium tremens. [235]
Carole Landis 1919–1948 Actress Seconal overdose. Suicide. [236]
Michael Larsen aka Eyedea 1981–2010 Rapper Unspecified opiate toxicity. Ruled accidental. [237]
Heath Ledger 1979–2008 Actor Combined drug intoxication of oxycodone, hydrocodone, alprazolam, diazepam, temazepam and doxylamine. Accidental. [238]
Bruce Lee 1940–1973 Actor, martial artist Acute cerebral edema due to a reaction to compounds present in the prescription pain killing drug Equagesic. [239]
Gerald Levert 1966–2006 Singer Acute intoxication of Percocet, Vicodin, Darvocet, Xanax and two antihistamines. Accidental. [240]
Frank X. Leyendecker 1877–1924 Illustrator Highly suspected morphine overdose. Suicide. [241]
Debbie Linden 1961–1997 Model, actress Heroin overdose. [242]
Max Linder 1883–1925 Actor Linder and his wife both drank Veronal, injected morphine and cut open the veins in their arms. [243]
Eugene Lipscomb 1931–1963 American football player Heroin overdose. [244]
Eugenia Livanos 1927–1970 Wife of Stavros Niarchos Barbiturate overdose. [245]
Mike Lockwood, aka Crash Holly 1971–2003 Professional wrestler Carisprodol and alcohol intoxication. Suicide. [246]
Philip Loeb 1891–1955 Actor Sleeping pill overdose. Suicide. [247]
Trinity Loren, aka Roxanne McPherson 1964–1998 Pornographic actress Prescription painkillers overdose. In a possible suicide. [248]
Zoe Tamerlis Lund 1962–1999 Model, actress Cocaine-induced heart attack. [249][250]
Donyale Luna 1945–1979 Supermodel, actress Unspecified drug overdose. Accidental. [251]
Frankie Lymon 1942–1968 Singer Heroin overdose. [252]
Phil Lynott 1949–1986 Musician (Thin Lizzy) Conflicting sources report various causes of death, including: heart and liver failure,[253] heart failure and pneumonia after a drug overdose,[254] and blood poisoning from heroin addiction.[255]


Name Life Profession Cause of death Reference
Billy Mackenzie 1957–1997 Musician (the Associates) Overdose of amitriptyline, paracetamol and other prescription drugs. Suicide. [256]
Chris Mainwaring 1965–2007 Australian football player Cocaine overdose. Accidental. [257][258]
Bibek Maitra 19??–2006 Politician Unspecified drug overdose. [259]
Jesse Mahelona 1983–2009 American football player Motor-vehicle collision. Malehona was under the influence of alcohol. [260]
Vickie Lynn Marshall, aka Anna Nicole Smith 1967–2007 Playboy playmate, actress Lethal combination of chloral hydrate and various benzodiazepines. [261]
Andrew Martin, aka Test 1975–2009 Professional wrestler Oxycodone overdose. Accidental. [262]
Thalia Massie 1911–1963 Wife Barbiturate overdose. [263]
Lisa Matsumoto 1964–2007 Children's author Motor-vehicle collision. Matsumoto's blood alcohol level was .242, more than 3 times the legal limit. [264]
Billy Mays 1958–2009 Salesperson Heart disease with cocaine use being a "contributory cause". [265][266]
Joseph McCarthy 1908–1957 Senator Hepatitis exacerbated by alcoholism. [267]

[268] [269]

Jimmy McCulloch 1953–1979 Musician (Wings) Heroin overdose. [270]
Marie McDonald 1923–1965 Actress Unspecified drug overdose. [271]
Robbie McIntosh 1950–1974 Musician (Average White Band) Heroin overdose. [272]
Marguerite McNamara 1928–1978 Actress Sleeping pill overdose. Suicide. [273]
Aimee Semple McPherson 1890–1944 Evangelist Shock and respiratory failure due to overdose of prescription barbiturates. [274]
Jonathan Melvoin 1961–1996 Keyboardist Heroin overdose. [275]
Mary Millington 1945–1979 Model, pornographic actress Paracetamol overdose. Suicide. [276]
Keith Moon 1946–1978 Musician (the Who) Overdose on anti-seizure medication prescribed for alcoholism. Accidental. [277]
Odas Moon 1892–1937 Pilot Reportedly "drank himself to death". [278]
Chester Morris 1901–1970 Actor Barbiturate overdose. [279]
Jim Morrison 1943–1971 Musician (The Doors) Official cause of death is recorded as heart failure,[280] though Sam Bernett claims that Morrison died in Bernett's club, with heroin overdose as the suspected cause.[280]
Norma Mortenson, aka Marilyn Monroe 1926–1962 Actress Barbiturate overdose. Officially listed as "probable suicide" though several conspiracy theories exist. [281]
Louis Mucciolo, Jr., aka Louie Spicolli 1971–1988 Professional wrestler Conflicting sources indicate drug overdose[282] while some indicate coronary disease that might have been impacted by drug use.[283]
Billy Murcia 1951–1972 Musician (New York Dolls) Contradicting sources report the death as alcohol related,[284] or drowning[285] after a drug overdose[286] or as a drug overdose.[287]
Brittany Murphy 1977–2009 Actress "[C]ombination of pneumonia, an iron deficiency and 'multiple drug intoxication.'" All of the drugs were legal. [288]
Brent Mydland 1952–1990 Musician (the Grateful Dead) Cocaine and morphine overdose. [289]


Name Life Profession Cause of death Reference
Henry Nasiff Jr, aka Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf 1962–2001 Entertainer Advanced alcoholism and a seizure disorder, complicated by a genetic condition. [290]
Yves Navarre 1940–1994 Writer Barbiturate overdose. Suicide. [291]
Filip Nikolic 1974–2009 Singer Heart attack induced by sleeping pills. [292]
Bradley Nowell 1968–1996 Musician (Sublime) Heroin overdose. [293]


Name Life Profession Cause of death Reference
Hugh O'Connor 1962–1995 Actor Suicide under influence of cocaine. [294]
Lani O'Grady 1954–2001 Actress Multiple drug intoxication. Vicodin and Prozac were found in her bloodstream [295]
Johnny O'Keefe 1935–1978 Singer Conflicting sources indicate drug overdose,[296][297] or simply heart attack.[298][299]
Pascale Ogier 1958–1984 Actress Unspecified drug overdose. [300]
Alice Ormsby-Gore 1952–1995 Socialite Heroin overdose. [301]
Bryan Ottoson 1978–2005 Musician (American Head Charge) Prescription-drug overdose. Accidental. [58][302]


Name Life Profession Cause of death Reference
Marco Pantani 1970–2004 Cyclist Cerebral and pulmonary oedema potentially brought on by "tranquillisers, antidepressants and sedatives ... against a background of prolonged cocaine abuse". [303]
Robert Pastorelli 1954–2004 Actor Heroin overdose. [304]
Gram Parsons 1946–1973 Musician (the Byrds) Morphine overdose. [305]
Cesare Pavese 1908–1950 Poet, novelist Consumed "twelve sachets of sleeping drugs". [306]
Chris Penn 1965–2006 Actor Enlarged heart through drug use and a high level of codeine. [307]
Christopher Pettiet 1976–2000 Actor Unspecified drug overdose. Accidental. [308]
Kristen Pfaff 1967–1994 Musician (Hole) Heroin overdose. [309]
Esther Phillips 1935–1984 Musician, singer Liver and kidney failure due to long-term drug use. [310]
River Phoenix 1970–1993 Actor Heroin and cocaine overdose. [311]
Rob Pilatus 1965–1998 Musician (Milli Vanilli) Prescription drug and alcohol overdose. [312]
Dana Plato 1964–1999 Actress Vanadom and Lortab overdose. Suicide. [313][314]
Darrell Porter 1952–2002 Major League Baseball catcher Cocaine overdose. [315]
Elvis Presley 1935–1977 Singer Cardiac arrhythmia. Autopsy founds in his system "significant" levels of ethinamate, methaqualone, codeine and different barbiturates, including amobarbital, pentobarbital, and phenobarbital. [316][317]
Gary Primich 1958–2007 Singer "Acute heroin intoxication." [318]
Freddie Prinze 1954–1977 Actor Self-inflicted gunshot wound while under the influence of methaqualone and alcohol. Initially ruled suicide but later determined accidental. [319]
Promachus ???–324 Soldier Alcohol poisoning. [320]


Name Life Profession Cause of death Reference
Robert Quine 1942–2004 Guitarist Heroin overdose. Suicide. [321]
Glenn Quinn 1970–2002 Actor Unspecified drug overdose. Accidental. [322]


Name Life Profession Cause of death Reference
Jay Reatard 1980–2010 Musician Cocaine toxicity, with alcohol as a contributing factor. [323]
Michael Reeves 1943–1969 Film director Alcohol and barbiturate overdose. [324]
Wallace Reid 1891–1923 Actor Prescription morphine overdose. [325]
Elis Regina 1945–1982 Singer Cocaine alcohol, and temazepam overdose. Accidental. [326]
Willy Rey 1949–1973 Model Barbiturate overdose. [327]
John Simon Ritchie, aka Sid Vicious 1957–1979 Musician (Sex Pistols) Heroin overdose. Suicide. [328]
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