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Many jurisdictions have laws against suicide. Historically laws against suicide and mercy killing have developed from religious doctrine, for example, the claim that only God has the right to determine when a person will die, or that committing suicide is a blasphemous rejection of God's gift of life.[1]

United States

In the late 1960s, eighteen U.S. states lacked laws against suicide.[2] By the late 1980s, thirty of the fifty states had no laws against suicide or suicide attempts but every state had laws declaring it to be felony to aid, advise or encourage another person to commit suicide.[3] Laws against suicide are mentioned in the film, It's a Wonderful Life; the angel states that where he comes from, suicide is illegal.

United Kingdom

Laws against suicide prevailed in English common law until 1961. English law perceived suicide as an immoral, criminal offense against God and also against the King.[4]


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